Practical Steps To Increase Your Talent Pool

Free Applicant Tracking SystemThe job of employee recruitment is considered to be quite a frustrating task as the employers are, often, unable to find desired talent with given qualification.

Because there is a huge cost associated with a bad hire, you simply can’t go wrong with the recruitment process.

The problem of talent crunch is even more prominent in smaller towns and cities. It, therefore, makes the recruitment process much more difficult for companies based out of small towns or cities.

Is there a solution to combat the problem of talent recruitment crunch, thereby, making the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective?

The experts would recommend the expansion of your horizons that is moving beyond the border. Why? Because it helps in moving talent from skill-rich regions to the areas where there is a talent shortage.

This recruitment process is not only quick and saves a lot of time and effort but is also considered to be most efficient. This is quite relevant these days especially when there is a lot of demand for skilled and talented workforce in modern workplaces. Keep track of your talent with our free applicant tracking system. Recruiteze is the best online recruiting software on today’s market. Give it a go, for free, today!

Expansion of Your Recruitment Strategy: Moving Beyond State and National Borders

Amid a smaller applicant pool, the recruiters would agree that you can never find enough choices. Many times, you fail miserably in recruiting people with a desired set of skills and qualification. Yet, you end up paying competitive packages to them.

A solution lies in the expansion of your recruitment strategy beyond your city, state or even country. This must be done with a primary objective of targeting talent that is located in other places.

You might argue that this strategy requires a lot of effort and resources. Nevertheless, the results are extremely rewarding and completely worth your time and effort.

IBM conducted approximately 600 vis-à-vis interviews with Human Resource (HR) experts and strategists to understand talent acquisition crunch. Along with the interviews, they also conducted a survey to receive inputs from around 100 executives. The findings reveal that to resolve the problem of talent crunch, the companies are now deploying talent in diverse geographical areas of the world at an accelerated rate.

The findings from the research confirm the popularity of trend that is now being followed by leading organizations in the world. Such companies are increasing their workforce presence in different continents to attract both global talents as well as global markets.

Driving Change: Mobilizing Workforces and Giving Candidates the Offer they can’t refuse

Mobilizing Workforces

Today’s technology allows people to work from almost any location and at any point of time. Yet many organizations fail in making the right use of technology.

Most of the companies are, even today, not making any constructive efforts or investments in deploying workforce for job positions that can be done in a remote environment. And those who are doing it report that they hardly succeed in finding the right personnel for the right job.

The ability to mobilize workforces is vital for growth in today’s competitive marketplaces. It not only helps in the acquisition of talent but also drives speed and flexibility.

There might, however, be problems in managing employees that belong to different cultures, locations, and time zones. The solution is greater flexibility, simplified processes, and adaptive solutions. These solutions work amazingly well in managing the employees belonging to different locations and cultures.

Giving Candidates the Offer They Simply Can’t Refuse

Free Applicant Tracking SystemIn a completely different scenario where you’re not looking at deploying talent for a remote position, one of the major problems lies in convincing a qualified candidate into moving at a new place.

As the recruitment and staffing experts would recommend, you need to allure a desired applicant with several things and encourage him to move to a new location from his current location.

Every employee has inhibitions regarding a new job/ role that is being offered and that too, at a completely unknown place. There are a number of challenges and factors involved in relocating from one place to another.

Your challenge lies in extending the shortlisted candidates an offer that they find too attractive and simply can’t refuse.

If you really want the candidates to find your offer alluring, there are certain vital areas that need your attention:

Logistics and Expenses Involved in Relocating from One Place to Another

Even if people are looking forward to a change on the professional front and willing to move to a new place for a job, the relocation costs are likely to hinder their plans. The thought of logistic and expenses that are involved in moving out discourage them in making a final leap ahead. And the obvious result is rejection of the offer that is made by you.

Notably, there is a drastic increase in relocation costs with the increasing relocation distance.

What is a right move in the given scenario?

Obvious as it may be, you need to make an interesting offer that is too alluring to be rejected. Offer to pay for relocation costs and foster a relationship of trust with your potential employees. Make them believe that you’re always available for their needs and you’ll help them make a smooth transition into a new life.

Here’s a list of few small things that never fail in sending a clear and convincing message include:

  • Offering a hotel/ apartment accommodation for starting few days/ weeks.
  • Giving your suggestions for hiring a realtor or evening offering to pay the commission of a realtor.
  • Paying for the move. This may include airfare, freight charges, etc.

Encouraging Them to Make the Move

When you’re targeting candidates from different cities, you need to work even harder in selling them your offer. Your work doesn’t only involve selling the job offer but also the new place that happens to be your city. There must be enough reasons in convincing them to uproot themselves and starting afresh at a new place. It is certainly not an easy job!

It’s about selling your city and it’s about romanticizing the new place of stay. Focus on promoting unique things your city can offer them.

    Is your company based in a small town tucked far away from urbanization? You need to communicate that there is no traffic chaos in your place, no subway fighting, and no high rents. The employees will get to stay in easily affordable accommodations and therefore, save a lot more.

    Now, what if yours is a company based in one of those metropolitan towns or big cities? Fantasize the idea of living a big-city dream and experiencing the urbanization.

This goes without saying that you need to highlight other things/ places that are unique in your city. If you’re able to do it in a convincing tone, you succeed in winning them.

The CEO of Crown Laboratories, Jeffrey Bedard, talks about his recruitment experience in one of his articles. To promote Johnson City to the professionals from New York, he had to focus on his ideal targets that were none, but the frustrated applicants who were done with the charm of urban life.

Job Benefits

Free Applicant Tracking SystemThe modern-day candidates emphasize a lot on work-life balance. As much as the remuneration and job profile matters to them, so much does the job benefits and work-life balance.

The companies, these days, make an exaggerated use of a term “work-life balance” to lure candidates. As a result, most of them must face high turnover rates.

Huge turnover rates reduce the productivity of a company and the efficiency of employees. The result is a loss to the company in several ways.

The solution lies in being brutally honest about the company’s work culture and its policies. Don’t just aim at throwing fancy terms around to attract talent. Rather, you must aim at adding purpose to the life of your employees.

Here’s a lowdown of certain factors that can help you lure the desired talent:

  • Offer your employees an option to work-from-home for a certain number of hours/ days in a week.
  • Elaborate on the term “work-life balance” and its significance to your company.
  • Flexibility is the key! Showcase adaptability by making your workplace flexible. Offer flexible working hours along with
    flexibility in location.
  • Be truthful and honest about the policies and the workplace culture prevalent in your company.
  • Always try to maintain a positive attitude towards your employees.
  • Show a lot of enthusiasm towards the hiring process to engage the greater number of candidates.

Final Words:
If you’re truly looking at expanding your pool of talent by recruiting qualified candidates, you must never underestimate yourself or demonstrate any sort of negativity.

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