The Importance of Using Recruiting Metrics in 2016

Online Recruiting SystemEveryone wants to increase their hiring efforts in order to recruit the best candidates possible. There are a few changes that should be made to ensure your hiring process is right where it should be. Recruiting metrics are a great first step in the right direction.

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What Are Recruiting Metrics?

Recruiting metrics are information gathered about candidates that can be used to compare data, set goals and improve insight. They enable companies to improve and maintain recruiting practices.

Recruiting metrics typically include the following data:

  • Where are candidates coming from?
  • How are applicants applying for positions within your company?
  • What skill sets do they offer?

Answering these questions about each and every applicant that makes it through the initial round of eliminations is key in ensuring your recruiting practices are working well when it comes to hiring reliable, long-term employees that add real value to your company.

Would you believe that over 70 percent of recruiters fail to analyze the data gathered during hiring processes? It’s true. While you might assume that data gathered is important, many companies overlook this significant factor in the overall recruiting procedure.

There are several different types of recruiting metrics that will work well in improving the success of businesses. The problem lies within choosing what works best for your corporations. They’re not all the same. Different measures will offer various results depending on what’s needed within the company.

Narrowing down metrics will help recruiting efforts tremendously. Below, you’ll find a few of the most important recruiting metrics that are commonly used in successful business that have great results with recruiting valuable, long-term employees.

Where Are Candidates Coming From?

online recruiting systemTracking where your applicants are coming from is key. Are you using LinkedIn or Facebook to help in your search for the best employees? If so, how many inquirers are actually following through by handing in a resume? Which social media network is bringing in the most applicants? Are they reliable, once hired? Do they posses the skill set needed to exceed expectations?

Are you getting referrals from current workers? If so, how many of the referrals are you hiring? Of the ones who are hired, how many have stuck around, long-term?

Sourcing metrics keep track of where the best candidates are coming from such as LinkedIn, on-campus recruiting, employee referrals, social media, or job boards.

Measuring where candidates are coming from can give you a clear idea of what efforts are working and which ones are not. If you notice that over half of the applicants found on Facebook turn out to be a waste of time, stop spending time and money searching for them there. Instead, move efforts to an avenue that’s working well.

Quality of Hires

Once you’ve researched where applicants are coming from and how often you’re hiring reliable, quality candidates from those sources, you can focus more on new employees. Consider these questions to help you determine whether or not your new hires are worth the time you spent recruiting them.

  • Are they happy with their position?
  • Do they make an impact on their position? If so, how?
  • What recruiting sources did they come from?
  • Does their skill set add value to the position and the company?
  • Are the capable of doing the job they were hired for?

If the answers to these questions are all positive, you’ve done a great job weeding out the invaluable applicants during the hiring process. If you have reservations on the quality of the hire at all, consider what might make you more satisfied with the employee and how they do their job. Compare this with the pre-hire data stored in your online recruiting system.

Tracking and measuring quality of hire is just another way to ensure you’ve made the best decision when offering a candidate the job. You want to be sure the satisfaction rate is high and if it’s not, you want to be sure you know what needs improvement.

Taking these steps will ensure that you improve your recruiting efforts. In turn, you’ll also be hiring quality candidates that do their job well. In addition to using these measures for better recruiting, it’s also important to use them for current employees as well. You can take these recruiting metrics and apply them to quarterly reviews. They’ll not only help you assess the progress of workers, but also help ensure the company is setting and meeting goals.

We hope this information helps you with your recruiting metrics. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit back with our next blog post where we will talk more about measures that should be taken to ensure hiring practices are at their best within your company.

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