Tips for Filling Impossible Jobs

Online Recruitment SystemsHave you been working tirelessly to fill an open position in your company to no avail? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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How To Fill Those Impossible Positions!

We’ve all had that one position that’s difficult to fill. You might be asking yourself what you should be doing differently. You might also be wondering what you’re doing wrong. Below are some tips that will help you fill these positions that seem too difficult to fill.

Reach further. Don’t just stick with your local region when it comes to recruiting. If you’re having trouble filling the position, consider finding someone in a different area. Sometimes, potential applicants come from other cities. You never know if someone is interested in relocating until you reach out to them. Of course, interviews might be different because of the distance, but you can always do video interviews for phone conversations in the beginning to see if flying the talent to your location is worth the cost.

Ask for referrals. Did you know that many of your employees are willing to give referrals and 40% of those referrals are hired? That’s right. You’re missing out on great talent if you’re not asking your employees to offer up names of people who might be interested in working for your company. While this might not be a go to recruiting method, it will help when you have a hard to feel position.

Work with career centers. Often, those who are about to graduate from college or who have recently graduated are looking for jobs. You can work with career centers at colleges in order to find top talent. They can be a great asset. Build a relationship with these career centers and you will find that it really makes your job easier once you start working with them.

Look within your company. Often, the talent pool within your company is a great place to start looking when you have a position to fill. This is when an applicant tracking system comes into play. If you’re using one properly you will be able to search for a current employee that is a good fit for the new job. Already qualified candidates are a great way to fill a difficult position. Just look within your company and get started.

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Consider former employees. Of course, you’ll only want to reach out to those employees that left on good terms, but doing so might help you feel a difficult position.

Visit job fairs. Job fairs can be very beneficial for recruiters. It’s a great way to meet potential candidates and interact with them on a personal level. It’s also a good way to interact with a pool of talent that is diverse and ready to work.

Social media. You might already be using social media but you should build on it. Use YouTube videos, blog posts and other information to capture potential candidates’s interest. This is a great way to fill positions.

Work on job descriptions. Sometimes, our description of a particular position might be too difficult to read or doesn’t offer enough information. Start revamping how you word these so that they’re direct, to the point and offer as much relevant information about what’s needed as possible.

Check out personal hobbies.
Do your current or potential employees visit bookstores, coffee shops or other places that might be easy for you to meet new people? Start getting to know your staff so that you can put together a list of new, non-traditional places to recruit. You never know who you might meet on an early morning coffee run or quick lunch break spent at the bookstore. Think outside the box and take advantage of getting to know your candidates and employees personally.

Consider transferable skills. You might be hiring someone who’s able to fill several different positions and that’s OK. One day down the road, you might need to transfer them from one department to another. Because of their multi-skill level, you can do that and not worry about how the transition will go.

We hope these tips help you find quality candidates to fill these difficult positions. We know how challenging recruiting can be in general. Don’t stress over hard to fill positions. Just use these tips and get started!

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