What is Recruitment Database and How to Use it?

What is Recruitment Database and How to Use it

Before the advent of affordable online recruitment database software, it was customary to manage the recruitment data in emails, hard disks, and spreadsheets.

But with the readily available online recruitment database systems, you can be set up and start building your recruitment database within minutes.

In this article, we cover the following topics so that you can learn what a recruitment database is and how to use it effectively to increase your efficiency and productivity:

  • What is a recruitment database?
  • Why use a recruitment database?
  • How to make your recruitment data more efficient?

What is the Recruitment Database?

A recruitment database is a searchable repository of your jobs, contacts, applications, candidates, notes, and communications for easy access and reuse.

A recruitment database grows with time with the use of an easy to use online recruitment database software.

Just like patents are essential for a research company, contacts are critical to a sales professional, a searchable recruitment database is vital for a recruiter.

It does not matter how often you hire for your organization; it is good to start building your recruitment database with each hire.

How to Choose the right Recruitment Database?

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With the availability of numerous recruitment database systems, it can be daunting to find the right recruitment database system.

Suppose you are looking to sign up for a recruitment database today. Here are the essential features you will need to build and manage your recruitment database.

Accessible Everywhere


Accessibility should be your highest priority when considering a recruitment database. It would be best to look for a cloud recruitment database system accessible from anywhere in this day and age.

Read this article to understand the difference between on-premise and online database systems.



Responsiveness is a design concept that makes online software usable from any device.

If you signup for a modern online recruitment database system, it is most likely accessible from your mobile devices.

As you are trying out the software, this should be one of your tests to see if you can manage your recruitment data from a mobile device.

Even though you may not use it that way, it will be beneficial to have that feature if you do not have access to a computer and need to work with your recruitment data.

Job Requisition Management 


You should be able to post and manage your jobs easily from one place. Job requisition is the first step in building a database. 

Once you post a job, you will receive applications from various sources like job boards, websites, or social media.

Job Distribution


Even though traditional recruitment database systems did not have the feature to post and distribute jobs, most modern systems have this feature built-in.

Using the job distribution feature, you can distribute your jobs to numerous job boards, your career page, and social media channels. This will result in you receiving multiple applications for your positions.

Job distribution is a great way to build your database.

Screener Questionnaires


Even though screener questionnaires were not part of legacy recruitment database systems, it is an integral part of a modern recruitment database software.

With the help of screener questionnaires, you can build a better recruitment database by reviewing the responses to your job and company-related questions.

Screener questions also help you to quickly reject a candidate if they do not meet your job specifications.

Tagging & Filtering


To build a usable recruitment database, you should organize your recruitment data by tagging them appropriately to be readily accessible later.

Tagging is a great way to associate a context with your recruitment data for filtering quickly later.

You should also be able to quickly filter the tagged data so that your data is more useful.

Once you find a system with the essential features for a recruitment database, check out the reviews on sites like Capterra to see how the users perceive the product. Checking out reviews will give you the right perspective on the software, company, and service.

Sign up for a free trial and try out the software to get a feel for the ease of use and accessibility.

Recruiteze is an affordable online recruitment database software that has all the essential features and more. With Recruiteze, you can broadcast your jobs to numerous job boards, create screener questionnaires, organize your data with tagging, and search through the data with enhanced filtering capabilities.

Why use a Recruitment Database?

A recruitment database is a great way to build a hiring pipeline. Having a hiring pipeline makes it easy to make your next hire; also, it saves a lot of time and money when you hire from your database.

A recruitment database is searchable. Suppose you store your recruitment data in spreadsheets, email, and the hard drive. It is not easy to search the data to find your candidates. The recruitment data you accumulate is not useful in any form or shape.

Building a recruitment database also helps with compliance having access to all the notes and communications leading to the hiring. Without a database, this data will be scattered in various email threads and data stores.

The recruitment database greatly enhances the hiring efficiency of your organization. It allows you to work together as a team, with all of you having access to the most current information regarding a job, contact, or candidate.

With the right recruitment database system, you can also automate specific routine tasks like tasks and reminders.

A recruitment database also allows you to streamline your communication by having consistent messaging across the various team members, with the use of templates for messaging and communication.

A recruitment database greatly enhances the candidate experience. Candidate experience is the essential recruitment metric, leading to increased brand value and hiring great employees.

We have a comprehensive guide on using the Recruiteze recruitment database that you can check here.

How to make your Recruitment Data more efficient?

Using recruitment database software is excellent, but it also becomes more useful if you have quality data in the database. If you have a lot of data, which has not been vetted and organized, it is not of much use.

Effective recruiters will carefully review each application to see if they match the type of jobs you recruit for.

For Eg: if you are recruiting for nursing and healthcare jobs and receive software development applications, the first thing to do is to remove these profiles from your database. Suppose you are getting applications repeatedly from a particular candidate who does not meet your recruiting guidelines, you should add these candidates to the blacklist, so they are automatically rejected.

If you like a candidate’s profile, you should add appropriate notes and tag them into the relevant categories for easy access later. Tagging is the most crucial part of building your recruitment database.

Recruitment data also helps you understand how effective your recruitment process is.

Some of the essential hiring metrics that you can gain from a recruitment database are :

Time to Fill 


Time to fill in the most important metric of your recruitment database. It tells you how long it took to hire for a position from the time you posted the job. With a mature recruitment database, this can significantly reduce if you hire from within your recruitment pipeline.

Recruiter Performance


You can also gain insights into how your recruiters are performing by reviewing the activity reports and benchmarking. Typically recruiter performance dramatically increases with a good recruitment database.

Application Sources


When you distribute your jobs to various job boards and social media channels, a good recruitment database software can help you understand which sources deliver quality applications leading to a hire.

Application sources reports allow you to focus on the channels that are most effective for your needs.

Resume Formating

Accompany your recruitment database software with a resume reformating tool.  Resume reformating tools help you bulk reformat resumes, and reinforce unbiased hiring and diversity hiring.



Now that we have discussed what a recruitment database is and how to leverage it for better hiring decisions.

Suppose you would like to try our online recruitment database software. Recruiteze offers the ability to manage your job requisitions, contacts, applications, candidates, notes, and communications in an easy to use interface.

With Recruiteze, you can tag candidates with customizable tags and easily access the candidates with advanced filtering capabilities.

Recruiteze is cloud-based and available from anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser.

Try Recruiteze free today!

Thanks for reading this article!

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