2019 Trends That Will Change Healthcare Recruiting

Healthcare is changing and in 2019 there will be a few trends to look for. Here, you’ll find information about those trends and what may be changing in terms of recruiting in this industry. Make healthcare recruiting easy in 2019 by using Recruiteze. We combine the best recruiting software with our
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There seems to be a shortage of doctors and nurses in the healthcare industry. That means recruitment for both of these positions may be challenging. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be impossible. It’s currently averaging around 14 months for healthcare facilities to fill a position for a physician. Keeping this in mind will help you when it comes to seeking out talent in this field.

Increasing diversity is something that should be worked towards continually. This will be a trend in 2019 in the healthcare industry.

Baby boomers are aging and retirement is near for this generation. As the largest generation to reach the retirement age, it’s important to realize that they also are more likely to become patients. With this in mind, that could pose an even bigger issue with a shortage of healthcare workers. By 2030 there could be a shortage of up to 100,000 physicians or more due to retiring baby boomers.

Another trend to look at is spending in the healthcare industry. By 2026, spending could reach upwards of $6 trillion. This could be spent on medical equipment and medication as well as the healthcare workforce. Though there seems to be a shortage in healthcare workers, that doesn’t mean that the industry will not continue to grow. In addition, there will be a continued need for workers in this industry.

In general, recruiters across the board should be more aware of their candidate experience. However, in the healthcare industry, where things are very competitive due to shortage of candidates, this trend should be a real consideration for improvement. Taking time to evaluate and revamp your candidate experience can make a difference.

Because of the shortage that is being faced now and in the future, taking time to better understand how to obtain passive candidates is a big trend for 2019. Passive candidates might not be actively seeking employment but could be interested in switching healthcare facilities if the offer is one they can’t refuse.

Recruiters will need to embrace artificial intelligence and healthcare recruiting in 2019 as well. Just like many other workforce industries, artificial intelligence is beginning to be a must have when it comes to administrative tasks, the hiring process, and more.

We hope these 2019 healthcare trends help you with your recruiting for this industry. If you’re not currently using an ATS to help with your efforts, consider Recruiteze!

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