5 Immediate Recruiting Responses to COVID-19

In addition to disrupting our everyday lives, the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is having a dramatic influence on how companies are able to recruit, interview and hire new employees; and is likely causing many businesses to make unplanned layoffs due to the circumstances. However, most recruiting efforts can be done from the comfort of your home. COVID-19 will eventually pass. Firms will still need talented individuals to be able to recover, and that likely means not only utilizing the current workforce but the addition of new employees. As such, today we’ll discuss five recruiting responses to COVID-19 that you should take immediately.

recruiting responses to COVID-19

Recruiting is not unlike many other businesses that have had to amend how they do “business” these last few weeks. Basic hygiene recommendations like washing your hands and limiting interpersonal interactions would apply whether you’re recruiting new hires or just going to the grocery store. However, we’ve got a few additional precautions you can take with regard to how you recruit over the next few weeks.

Recruiting Responses to COVID-19: Use Web-Based Meeting Tools

There are a number of web-based tools available by which you can conduct pre-screening and “face-to-face” interviews. Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts and other methods should be used in lieu of having your staff or potential candidates come into the office.

We do recommend that if you have not utilized these tools before that you spend some time practicing internally before inviting candidates to join so that you can work out any kinks. You should also practice basic business etiquette when using a web-based tool to conduct interviews. We will go into detail in a follow-up piece but at a minimum, you should continue to dress in business attire (including to wear pants).

Continue Using Job Boards and Employment Sites

There is absolutely no reason for you to discontinue the use of job boards or employment websites that you are using to post jobs or communicate with job seekers. In fact, you may actually see an influx of candidates during this time as some companies are laying off their workforce in response to COVID-19.

Recruiting Responses to COVID-19: Start Using an Applicant Tracking System

Now is also a great time to start using a free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to improve your interactions with candidates and streamline your Human Resources department.

Recruiteze will help you improve your time to fill by helping you get your job openings in front of the right candidates by publishing on important job sites like Google, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and more. Rather than spending your time posting job openings multiple times, you can trust Recruiteze to do it for you!

In addition, you can send out personalized emails to each candidate to help save time and effort. Communication with applicants won’t fall to the wayside during this tumultuous time period, and you’ll be gaining a great way to keep the applicant engaged and informed.

Recruiteze offers an online recruiting cloud option now that can be a great way to keep up with data, software, and anything you need, no matter where you are! You just need an internet connection and you’re ready to use our system. There’s no longer a need to have a server or system administrators that manage and operate software or servers. You can house all your data in the ATS cloud and access it anywhere at any time.

Reschedule Public Recruiting Events

As you’re well aware, any gathering of 10 or more people should be avoided, rescheduled or canceled. While many industries are exploring ways to host virtual job fairs, it’s too soon to tell when anyone can resume life back to normal. Therefore, the best course of action is to put any public recruiting efforts and events on hold until further notice.

Avoid Physical Contact

This last recruiting response to COVID-19 is a bit obvious considering the circumstances, but you should avoid the beloved handshake for the time being.

If you do choose to host final interviews at your office, you should place signs around your office that clearly state that in response to the coronavirus outbreak, all physical contact (including handshakes) are discouraged. Rather, look for other ways to greet each other including virtual high fives. It’s okay to laugh about it a little bit, but it’s also important that you protect everyone’s health during this time.

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