7 Innovative Tips for Effective Mobile Recruiting Using ATS for Small Business

The mobile recruiting was incepted back in 2007 and until then it continues to evolve and disrupt the recruitment sector. Also, this has impacted the job-seeker’s behavior significantly. It’s the candidate experience that decides whether the candidate would avail of the opportunity (job vacancy) and accept the job offer. Small company ATS plays a vital role in converting a potential candidate into an employee.

Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting

The generation today, including the millennials, spends a lot of time on its smartphones and tablets. So, it’s crucial to tap the traffic from the devices and stay accessible to the potential hires through mobile phones. Here are three reasons that help the recruiters understand that why they should shift to mobile recruiting on a priority basis.

1.      Saves Time

It certainly reduces the time spent in reviewing, creating and collecting the job applications. Some recruiting decisions can be made almost instantly. With the aid of mobile-driven recruitment, the recruiters can work remotely while sitting in any place of the world with 24/7 accessibility.

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2.      Larger Applicant Pool

As the recruiters are accessible at almost every point of time, they can stay connected with all the applicants sending their applications. According to research conducted by Glassdoor, 58% of the mobile users seek jobs from their phone. Similar research suggests that around 35% of the applicants prefer to apply to that job from their mobile devices. This helps in building a large applicant database that helps the recruiters to find a perfect pick for the current job opening as well as in the near future.

3.      Keeps the Company in the Competition

It is important to provide an easy to use job application interface to the applicants that don’t only keep them engaged but is concise as well. Most of the millennials leave the job application process in the middle if the interface/website is misconfigured or the application asks too much to fill. By giving the applicants a short and easy job application interface, the recruiters can prevent potentially qualified applicants from applying anywhere else.

Getting a small company applicant tracking system onboard will boost quality hiring and improve employee retention as well. The web-based applicant tracking system helps the organizations to improve their recruiting metrics such as reducing the drop-off rates and increasing the candidate conversion rates.  

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Here are a few tips to amp up the mobile recruiting by using small company ATS and give the best candidate experience to the applicants.

1.     Cloud-based Operation

Rather than using a desktop version of the small company ATS, the recruiters prefer to work on a web-based cloud-driven applicant tracking system. The main advantage is easy and fast accessibility through the internet and seamless integration within the existing HR suite of the organization. Making the career page mobile-optimized and integrated with ATS ensures tapping better quality candidates irrespective of the source from which they are being redirected (social media or online job board).

2.     Short Process

A small company ATS passes all the information present in the resume into profiles. This way the recruiters can see all the personal and professional information of the candidate by the profile generated by the small company ATS. So, now the companies won’t need any descriptions, long applications or any sort of cover letter. Making the entire application process shorter will prevent the candidate from getting frustrated and abandoning the application in the middle.

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3.     Triggering Automated Notifications

By acknowledging the applications received and notifying the candidates regarding their status timely would mean no loss of talent. Delayed notifications may make the candidates look and apply for other job opportunities. A small business applicant tracking system ensures that candidates are updated on their progress timely and the interviews are scheduled without any hassles between the interviewer and the candidate. Making things mobile-friendly helps the candidates to get notified the moment they apply via text or email notifications. This adds to the candidate experience significantly and the candidate will speak in favor of the company even if he is not able to make it to that vacancy.

4.     Building Talent Networks

By building and nurturing talent network in the candidate database, the recruiters can send them automated updates to the candidates. This way the recruiters can stay connected with the passive candidates and engage them by sending emails/newsletters about career events, upcoming projects, work culture and job openings in the company. This not only engages the candidates but also helps to build strong relationships with them. So, next time when the requirement arises, the recruiters have a great talent pool to tap the talent.

5.     Enables Collaboration

With the help of a small business applicant tracking system, the hiring manager can easily and seamlessly collaborate with other recruiting teammates. ATS empowers the recruiters to review, rate and share feedback for an ongoing recruitment drive. This certainly reduces the time-to-hire and helps the recruiters to stay forward in their quest to source quality talent.

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6.     Widens Your Reach

Relying only on passive recruiting alone is not sufficient. An ATS helps the company’s HR suite to connect with different job-boards as well as social media websites. So, the recruiters can post the job openings to different websites with just a single click from the ATS. This eventually would increase the application volume as well as improve the brand recognition of the company. Thus, an ATS encourages and inspires the top talent to apply. With the ATS analytics, the recruiters can further enhance and improve their recruiting strategies accordingly.

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It’s just the beginning. Mobile Recruiting has become an integral part of the talent acquisition and other recruitment marketing strategies. It’s high time that small businesses should channelize the power of mobile recruiting to leverage their success in this domain.   

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