How to Avoid Making a Desperation Hire

Online Applicant TrackingSometimes, when we feel desperate and at the end of our rope, we make a bad call in the recruiting department. Unfortunately, hiring when in desperation is very unproductive and costly. Why? In addition to turnover and morale issues, hiring in a tight spot can completely halt every process in place, from recruiting to training and overall workflow. In many cases, hiring a candidate that is less than desirable just to fill a position quickly will end in termination or that candidate quitting. It’s important to make sure that the applicant you choose is right for the job.

Hiring an unfit candidate is a disaster within the company. They may have trouble completing their job duties, fitting well within the company culture and cause tension. All of this negativity will greatly reduce productivity.

Below, you will find a few tips that can help you avoid desperation when hiring. We hope they help you in your time of need. Never make a desperate hiring move with our online applicant tracking and recruiting software. Recruiteze makes finding and hiring new talent easy. Click here to start using our online recruiting system for free!


We cannot stress how important a strong network is. Use your connections to find a proper candidate. You can also use social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to help you find professionals who need a job. Furthermore, you might also find passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job but would be willing to relocate if the situation was right for them.

Don’t Procrastinate

Waiting until the last minute to fill a position can put you in a world of stress. Not only are you trying to hire a quality candidate, you’re also having to do so under pressure. This is a bad idea. Continually search for potential applicants. If you’re always seeking new help you won’t ever have to make a desperate hire to fill the position quickly.

Previous Applicants 

You might have no luck at all with some of the resumes but it’s possible you will. When considering previous applicants, you know they’re qualified and ready to do the job. because you’ve previously studied their qualifications. You won’t have to stress over whether or not they’re relevant to the open position.

Long Distance

Who says you have to hire in your local area? Why not consider using video interviews to meet with people who are not in your region? Doing so will save costs and time. You just might end up with an unbelievably qualified candidate that will be a total asset to your company. Do not hire out of desperation because you’re worried you can’t find anyone in your area. With technology like online applicant tracking, long-distance hiring is not an issue.

Are you worried you might end up making a hiring mistake out of pure desperation? If so, consider these warning signs. That way you might catch yourself before it happens.

  • Low morale in the company.
  • You’re too busy to look at resumes.
  • You were too busy to network.
  • You feel like social media recruiting is a waste of time.
  • The company is short-staffed and stressed.
  • Everyone is exhausted from working long hours.
  • Looking at resumes is overwhelming.
  • Assessing experience and skills is too much for you to handle.

Knowing what to look for before making a desperate call in recruiting is key. Don’t let yourself get into any of the positions above. However, it is possible, for whatever reason, that you will make a desperate hire. You’ll quickly learn from your mistakes, but knowing ahead of time what you’re getting into will help you refrain from doing so in the first place.

Below, you’ll find several reasons why it’s a bad idea, despite your good intentions.

  • Your employee brand may suffer. You’ll have an unexpected turn over that leads to unemployment and an impact on your customers.
  • Company values will be compromised. It’s important to recruit with intent. Your goal is to hire someone who is a real asset to your company. When you compromise values you’re diluting the culture that has been built.
  • In the long run, hiring in desperate times is quite costly. It’s possible because the candidate was not qualified enough they made lots of mistakes. Cleaning up the damage is costly. Not to mention, you’ll have to go through the entire recruiting process again which is also expensive.

We hope this information helps you understand why hiring in desperation is not beneficial. Make good, intentional decisions when choosing someone to fill available opportunities within your company. With a little bit of planning, organizing and thinking ahead, you will make the best decision for your company.

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