The Definitive Guide to Recruiting Chatbots, continued

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about chatbots and how they can help your recruiting efforts by boosting productivity and efficiency. They can also enhance the candidate experience. If you missed our previous blog be sure to check back here for more information before moving on. Did you know that our free online ATS for small business recruiting is the best in the business? Try Recruiteze for free today.

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There are typically two different types of chatbots that are used for recruiting. Fixed chatbots are a program that can be used for specific information and offer limited help. This can be great in a situation where users do not have questions or need to inquire about other things. Fixed chatbots can provide set information but are basically unable to understand human behavior when they are questioning or perplexed.

The second type of chatbot is artificial intelligence based. This means they’re able to update themselves, interact intelligently with users, and offer an overall candidate experience that is second to none. The artificial intelligence based chatbots are similar to human interaction and often make candidates feel like they are dealing with an actual human.

According to, “In recruitment, an effective chatbot stands to make the HR department’s life much easier and accelerate the hiring process. They can lend a helping hand in the screening process by gathering information about prospective employees or executing rapid background checks. Suffice it to say that if they aren’t already, chatbots present exceptional potential to serve as the recruiters’ ideal assistant, doing all the heavy-lifting.”

There can be a lot of advantages to using chatbots on your career page or website. However, there are also a few cons. In our next blog post, you will find information that can help you better understand the benefits of using chatbots. We will also feature an article that focuses on the cons, as well. Stay tuned.

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