In-House Recruitment vs Recruitment Agencies

free recruiting softwareWhen businesses need help with their hiring needs, they often wonder which route would be more beneficial for them; in-house recruitment or a recruitment agency?

While the answer to the question varies, business to business, we have come up with a quick analysis of both that might help you make your decision.

In-house recruitment can be a good option for large corporations with a considerable budget for a HR department or at least, a HR manager. Having an in-house recruitment strategy is a great way to address high volume applicants and costs. But, is doing this alone the best approach?

Recruitment agencies work with businesses, regardless of their size or budget. There’s something for everyone when you choose to use free recruiting software like Recruiteze.

Those looking into software like Recruiteze, an online applicant tracking system where candidates can apply to be added to a business’s database immediately, can realize numerous benefits. End-users can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly. Recruiting based on client needs has also never been easier with your included custom job board option! This free option allows candidates and customers easy access to information and it creates a level of professionalism expected in today’s marketplace. Software like iReformat allows you to format up to 10 resumes per month, for free, to your company’s standards.

As we mentioned above, depending on budget, staffing ability and preference, this decision that should be based on the business’s needs.

In-House vs. Agency Pros and Cons

In-house recruiters need a team to help them. They delegate work to the right people in order to get the job done. In-house recruiters also have special skills like search engine optimization (SEO), screening, copywriting, applicant engagement and more. These skills are costly.

Recruitment agencies advertise jobs, do CV filtering and better handle the overall process of hiring by identifying each element that needs to be done. Handling recruitment internally leaves a wide gap in the area of reach. You’re only able to get the word out so far, alone.

Recruitment agencies can reach areas that are vastly larger. In addition, they already have a talent pool waiting to hear back from them about available positions. Agencies are also often unbiased middle men. They are able to reach out to employees at other companies that might be a better fit for yours.

Recruiting in-house can be difficult when your company needs to fill a niche role. You don’t have a talent pool ready to pull from. Agencies do. They’re better able to find a hard-to-fill position with a strong, dedicated candidate.

In-House Recruitment Builds Employer Brands

Dealing with candidate engagement internally is a complex job that takes a great deal of time and effort. If you can’t put forth the effort needed during the overall hiring process, your employer brand might be tarnished throughout the procedure.

Recruitment agencies are able to provide all the attention to the candidates, as well as, offer negotiations, conclusions and deflect negativity toward a business’s employer brand.

Working with a recruitment agency is a tailored way to tackle the task of the overall hiring process. It’s a sure way to find applicants, offer candidate engagement and overhaul your existing process with one that saves time and offers efficiency.

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