Infographic: The Benefits and Limitations of Dedicated Recruitment Team

The Benefits and Limitations of Recruitment Team

As your small business grows, you may feel like expanding your Human Resources Team or outsourcing the recruitment business to another company. But when it comes to hiring for top Management, you cannot fully rely on a Human Resource team. Now what you need is a  dedicated recruitment team which will cherry-pick exceptional talent for your company. You just need to tell them the desired qualification and other professional requirements regarding the job post. Rest of the work from hunting till on-boarding the employee is taken care of by the dedicated recruitment team. 

Dedicated Recruitment Team

But everything that shines is not gold!

Things may look good but there are chances that your dedicated recruitment team may not understand your business goals and may end up hiring a mismatch. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits and limitations of a dedicated recruitment team and how an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) acts as a game-changer.

Benefits of a Dedicated Recruitment Team

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1. Relieving the Burden

Gradually as your startup or small business grows you keep on adding new employees and locations. Eventually, it becomes really difficult to micromanage every aspect of the business at the base level. Having a dedicated recruitment team helps you relive the extra burden of time-consuming activities such as recruitment and implementing policies. This saves a lot of time which can be spent in other fruitful activities such as marketing, business expansion, and promotion which will help in increasing ROI and capturing a bigger market share. 

2. Maintaining Compliance

The professional recruiters are very talented and have expertise in every area related to compensation laws, labor laws, and other compliance laws. They ensure that the recruiting completely adheres to all rules and regulations set by the government or other law-making bodies. This helps the small business to avoid breaking any laws by the owner even by mistake. The dedicated recruiting team avoids undue fines and other possible lawsuits. Thus, the recruiters help the organization to maintain a good reputation for the business.

3. Technical Expertise

A recruitment team comprises of well seasoned recruiting professionals. Their skillset is at par with any in-house HR. They have a good experience which helps them to judge the candidate better according to his qualifications, body language, and experience.   A dedicated team knows what is expected by the employee, candidate, and the market.  

4. Global Reach

It makes the recruiters fight tooth and nail when it comes to finding quality candidates for top management positions. The main reason is that candidates are in top management positions are usually not actively seeking any job opportunity. The recruitment team, therefore, has a major task i.e. to find them and ask them if they are interested. These professional head-hunters have an enormous database that helps to find even the passive candidates easily. 

5. Cost-Efficient

Talking about small companies or startups, they don’t have enough funds to have an internal recruitment team of their own. On the same hand, recruiting is an important aspect of the business which cannot be neglected. So, small businesses often hire dedicated recruitment teams on a project basis or part-time. This eventually saves a lot of the organization’s capital.

  Limitations of Recruitment Team

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1. Relinquishing Control

It may happen that you need to relinquish your control regarding various aspects of business operations. Now you have “other individuals” who make the hiring decisions even for the top-level management. It may happen that the recruitment team may hire a potentially good employee but he may fail to get accustomed to the company culture.

2.     Time, Money and Effort

For any startup or small business, you need time, money and strenuous efforts to build a dedicated recruitment team. You have to expand your team along with your business and that is again an additional cost. That’s a major reason why most of the small businesses prefer to have the complete hiring process outsourced. 

3.     Time-consuming

Inevitably, recruitment is a time-consuming activity. For a single job-post, it may take up to a month to fill the vacant position. Even if there is an urgent opening, the recruitment team can’t do anything to fill that position immediately.  Most of the recruiters are busy in resume sifting for shortlisting ideal candidates for interviews. This hardly leaves quality time for the recruiters to understand the candidate and his needs as well.

4.     Lack of Coordination

It may happen that no two recruiters come to terms. This adversely affects the quality of hire. If more than two recruiters are involved in any recruiting activity, there are chances that there is a lack of communication and coordination. The exact status of the candidature gets lost and no one is able to track the candidate’s progress.    

5.     Deteriorating Quality of Hire

As there is a lot of manual work involved such as reverting to candidates, sending notifications, scheduling interviews, formatting resumes, etc, the recruiters aren’t left with a good amount of time for the interviews. Moreover, there is an increased risk of bad candidate experience consequently affecting the employer’s brand.   

The limitations of a dedicated recruitment team dominate more than its benefits. Here is where an applicant tracking system comes to play. Not only it automates the time-consuming recruitment tasks but improves the candidate as well as the application experience.

Have a look at some of the awe-inspiring advantages which make the life of a recruiter, a beautiful bliss.

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Advantages of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

What Can You Learn From Recruiting Metrics?

1.     Employer and Employee Flexibility

An ATS automates and accelerates the hiring process multi-folds. It allows the candidates to directly apply through their social profiles, thereby boosting the application experience. Talent acquisition software allows the candidates to submit their resumes without navigating to the company’s career page or website. The entire application process can be completed on a mobile device as well and that too, with instant acknowledgment emails.  

2. Time Efficient

Every single activity related to recruitment gets automated such as sending emails, scheduling interviews, notifications, etc. Time-to-hire is significantly reduced. Moreover, ATS stores every profile in its database. A single search query on the database will give you a list of all the most suitable resumes in just a mouse click. 

3. Cost-Effective

An ATS helps the recruiters to cut back the cost incurred per hire as all the tedious tasks are automated.  Thus, it makes the overall recruitment process more cost-effective and productive by reducing recruitment expenditures.

4. Time Efficient

Talent acquisition software sends timely acknowledgment emails, notification after every interview stage and offers an easy onboarding experience to the candidates. This incredibly boosts the candidate experience.  

5. Better Quality Candidates

Our free applicant tracking system is a great way to make sure you’re able to acknowledge applicants, offer them next steps in the overall hiring process, list job ads on important job boards, and streamline your entire operation with just one software. No more countless spreadsheets and scattered information to keep up with! Recruiteze keeps everything you need at the touch of a button.

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The applicant tracking system is the need of the hour and a much-needed tool to capture the best talent in the market for every small to medium business. An ATS plays a crucial role in your company’s longevity and sustainability in this competitive world.

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