Online Job Application Management System: How to use the Job Applications feature

This feature is available to the users of Recruiteze: Online Job Applications Management System.

This feature is available only with the premium plan. The applications feature is available under the candidates left navigation menu like shown below.

job applicant management system - applications featureClicking on the “Applications” menu on the left side, takes you to the applications view shown in the image above.

Once you are in the applications view, you can select a job in the job selection control as marked in the image above.

Once a job is selected, it will show the list of all applications received for the job. To see the candidates in the various stages of the workflow, you can pick a workflow state from the “Workflow State” dropdown. The list will be filetered based on the workflow state selected in the dropdown as shown in the image below:

online job applications management system - filtering candidates by workflow state

Here are related articles which show you how to update the workflow states, and also bulk update workflow status:

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Job Applications Management System

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