Top Staffing Buzzwords for 21st Century

Buzzwords are terms that you may hear in the workforce from time to time. Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate, these words will sum up phrases and explanations in an easy, manageable way.

Sometimes, these words can be quite confusing if you aren’t familiar with them. Oftentimes, the buzzwords are trends that slip in and out very quickly. That’s why it’s important to do a little research at the beginning of each year so that you’ll be able to keep up with the latest words and those that are no longer relevant.

Here we will go over:

  • Staffing buzzwords, and
  • Buzzwords you should avoid

Staffing Buzzwords

  • Campus Recruiting – Campus recruiting is a term often used to describe talent hunting and hiring college and university students.
  • Authenticity – The validity of a company or candidate.
  • Blind Recruitment Software – Blind recruitment software is a recruitment reformatting tool that hides certain information about candidates before the recruiter sees them to prevent biased hiring.
  • Hiring Bias – Hiring without subconscious stereotypes.
  • Employment Personality Assessments – A way of testing how candidates can handle potential work situations and tasks.
  • Best Practices – Making sure you do the best you can in a successful, manageable way.
  • Business Intelligence –The tools, best practices, and applications used to analyze information and improve performances and decisions.
  • Candidate Experience (CX) – The overall involvement of someone who’s searching for a job.
  • Company Culture – The diversity, values, and principles of a company.
  • Recruitment Automation – Automating recruiting tasks and workflows.
  • Compensation – Employees work for compensation, otherwise known as a paycheck.
  • Competitive Market – The economy is improving, but jobs are still scarce in some areas of the country. With that comes competition between recruiters, as candidates are few and far between at times.
  • Compliance – Making sure your company is compliant with the ACA and other new tax laws that are now enforced. Without compliancy, there are fines that will be assessed.
  • Content Marketing – Using words in the form of articles and written advertisements to sell your service or product.
  • Customization – Working with staffing software that allows you to create your own customized dashboards, analytics, and other tools that work best for your company’s needs.
  • Data Security – Making sure software is up-to-date with all protocols.
  • Diversity – A workplace that’s accepting and offers a diverse group of employees.
  • Employer Branding – Creating a workplace that offers a culture that is appealing to everyone. Employer branding works to ensure your current workers are happy and well taken care of as well.
  • Engagement – Working with the candidate, initiating the first step, and making sure they get in for an interview.
  • Gen Y – The generation of people who are starting to move up in the ranks and get promoted as Gen X are retiring.
  • Gender Equality – Making sure both men and women are treated equally in the workforce on every level. Also known as the gender gap.
  • HR Business Partner – Experienced HR professional that works directly with a company’s senior leadership to direct and develop their HR agenda.
  • Hiring Manager – The person in charge of recruiting, hiring and firing.
  • HR Technology – Recruiting software, job boards, and more.
  • Integration – When software and other technology comes together and incorporates others services to provide a better experience for all involved.
  • Interviewing – Meeting with candidates that are interested in working for your company. This is your chance to ask questions and talk about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Performance Review Questions – Questions that help you assess the performance of employees.
  • Volunteer Time Off – Volunteer time off is paid time sponsored by the employer which allows the employee to do volunteer work in their community.
  • Job Boards – Used by recruiters to post job openings and candidates to post resumes, job boards are a great way to recruit.
  • Learning Management – Making sure your employees are always developing and learning by sending them to workshops and seminars or other types of continuing education is learning management.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter – Talent management through LinkedIn. You can purchase staffing software that works with the social media site and your current in-house recruiting software.
  • Outsourcing – Hiring an outside company to perform daily functions of a business. These tasks are usually ones that saves your business time and money.
  • Performance Management – Making sure current workers are completing their daily tasks and developing in the way they should be.
  • Pre-Candidate Engagement – Building and cultivating relationships with people before they become candidates.
  • Hiring Pipeline – The hiring pipeline is a list of candidates who have expressed a strong interest in your company.
  • Professional Certification – As professionals take a test to prove they’re qualified for their career, they become professionally certified.
  • Recruiting – The act of searching for candidates that might be interested in working for your company.
  • Retention – Making sure you keep employees and candidates happy so that they’ll be more likely to want to continue to work for your company.
  • Social Recruiting – Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networking sites to recruit new candidates.
  • Sourcing – When recruiters reach out to candidates through an agency or staffing company, they’re sourcing.
  • The Cloud – Staffing software now extends to SaaS (Software as a Service). There’s no longer a need for in-house software. Everything can be stored on the cloud, which saves hard drive space and more.
  • The Economy – There has been steady growth in the economy in the past year. The job market is increasing. Look for it to continue to rise in the coming year.
  • University Recruiting – Going to a college or university to find candidates while they’re still in school but planning for graduation and life after college.
  • Video Interviewing – A great way to interview remotely, without having to disrupt the candidate’s current work schedule. It also saves money when a recruiter might otherwise have to fly an applicant in for a meeting.
  • Work/Life Balance – Instead of working all the time and focusing less on life, consider a work/life balance that gives you equal amounts of time at each. Gen Z is looking more for this than any other generation in the past.
  • Recruitment CRM – Candidate relationship management software allows you to store, organize, sort, and manage your candidate data. It also allows you to maintain communication to build and nurture relationship for future positions.

More Staffing Buzz Words

  • Free Resume Management System
  • Globalization
  • Employee Agreement
  • Boolean
  • Big Data
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Gamification
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Thought Leadership
  • STEM
  • Applicant Tracking System for Small Business
  • Talent Communities

Bad Buzzwords

Sometimes, words are used when they shouldn’t be. Either they’ve been phased out or they’re played out. Whatever the case, make sure you get familiar with them so that you can steer clear of these terms in a conversation.

  • Accountemps
  • At the end of the day
  • Bailout
  • Circle back
  • Customer-centric
  • Depression
  • Disconnect
  • Do more with less
  • Downsizing
  • Game changer
  • Gloom and doom
  • It is what it is
  • Leverage
  • On the same page
  • Overworked
  • Pay freeze
  • Reach out
  • Recession
  • Restructuring
  • Socialize
  • Solution
  • Synergy
  • Think outside the box
  • Value-add
  • Viral
  • End game
  • Educate the customer
  • World-class
  • Granularity
  • War game
  • Deep dive

Have you heard these words around the workplace this year?

If so, which ones?

Do you use them, yourself?

Remember to visit back with us next blog post to learn more about the buzzwords of 2016 as well as ones that shouldn’t be used, as they’ve become irrelevant.

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