Applicant Tracking System: Candidate Blacklist Feature

This help article pertains to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System

You can access the “Never Show Candidate Again” menu item from the candidate detail view.

The image below shows how to access the candidate detail from the candidate list/applications view:

applicant tracking system

Once on the candidate list view, clicking on the name of the candidate takes you to the candidate detail view like shown in the image below:

applicant tracking system

From the detail view, you can access the “Never Show Candidate Again” menu by clicking on the “…” menu in the menu bar at the top as shown in the image above.

Clicking on the “Never Show Candidate Again” menu will show a confirmation message, where you can select to either confirm the selection or cancel the action as shown in the image below:

applicant tracking system

If you confirm to blacklist the candidate, the candidate will be deleted from the database and their email address will be added to the blacklist. All future applications from this email address will be automatically ignored.

Applicant Tracking System

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