Recruiteze: How to set your Job Title for Email Communication

This help article applies to both Recruiteze: Online Recruitment Software and iReformat: Automated Resume Formatting Service.

This help article applies to all users in the System.

If you have Job Title in the Email Title, you do not have to go and edit the email every time, you can set it once for your profile and everytime you use the Email Templates with Job Title, it will be automatically pre-filled for you.

To set the Job Title, click on the Profile link. Image below shows how to get to the Profile Screen.

Recruiteze: Admin Dashboard With Profile Selected
Recruiteze: Admin Dashboard With Profile Selected

Clicking on the Profile link, will take you to the Profile Screen shown below.

Recruiteze: User Profile Screen
Recruiteze: User Profile Screen

Once on the Profile Screen, you can edit your profile fields as well as Update your Job Title, the Job Title field is marked in the image above.

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