Online Job Application Management System: How to embed Recruiteze career portal in an iFrame

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To embed the Recruiteze career’s portal in an iframe. The first thing that needs to happen is, you will need to complete the setup of your career portal. This help article details on how to setup your Recruiteze career portal.

Once you have setup the career portal. You will receive an email with the link to your career portal. The email contains a link which will display all your active jobs.

Your career portal url:

The url is a custom link, based on the subdomain name you provide while setting up your career’s portal.

For embedding this in an iframe, there is a different url, that will hide the header bar with logo and company name, like shown below:

Just add embed to the end of the url you receive in the email, when you setup the career portal.

Using this link, it is very simple to embed it in an iframe. The sample below shows you how to do this.

<iframe id="iraJobs" src="" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-forms" height="1200px" width="100%"> </iframe>

That is it! You can setup your iframe embedded Recruiteze career portal in 15 minutes or less, if you have access to your website and you are logged in to Recruiteze.

Images below, show how an embedded career portal looks in an iframe.

Online Job Application Management System - All Jobs in iFrame

Online Job Application Management System - Job Detail in iFrame

Online Job Application Management System - Job Application in an iFrame
Online Job Application Management System – Job Application in an iFrame

Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com, if you have questions/suggestions/feedback or if you need help setting up your career portal.

Online Job Application Management System

If you are not a customer of Recruiteze. Recruiteze is an online job application management system, that provides an elegantly designed modern career portal. With Recruiteze, you can manage your career portal, jobs, applications, candidates, workflow, communication and notes in a simple interface. Recruiteze is cloud based, so it is available anywhere you have access to an internet connection and a browser. With Recruiteze, you can enhance your candidate experience by providing feedback about the application process through custom workflows. Try Recruiteze free today!

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