Applicant Tracking System: How to use tags with candidates

This article pertains to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

This kb article details how to create and manage your tags.

The tags feature allows you to organize your candidates, and quickly filter them when needed.

Tags can be associated with a candidate while adding a candidate like shown below:

Applicant Tracking System: Associating tags when adding candidates
Recruiteze: Associating tags when adding candidates

The screen above shows how to associate tags when adding a candidate from the add candidate view. From the add candidate view, after entering all the information, the save button needs to be clicked for the changes to be saved.

Tags can also be associated with existing candidates from the edit candidate view as shown below:

Recruiteze: Associating tags with the edit candidate view
Recruiteze: Associating tag in the edit candidate view

From the edit candidate view, just selecting a tag automatically associates with the candidate, there is no need to click on the Save button.

Once the tags are associated, filtering candidates by tags is very simple. From any of the following candidate list views:

  • Search
  • All Candidates
  • Applications
  • My Candidates
  • Bookmarks

Image below shows how to filter by tags from the “All Candidates” view:

Applicant Tracking System: Filtering candidates by tags
Recruiteze: Filtering candidates by tags

Tags are a powerful feature that allows you to organize your candidates for easy access.

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