Applicant Tracking System – Database Search Feature

This knowledge base article applies to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

Based on user feedback, we have added this new feature, which allows you to search all relevant database fields to retrieve the results quickly.

The new feature can be accessed by clicking on the “Search” menu item, in the left menu.

Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System - Database Search Feature

Once you are on the search page, you can enter your search terms seperated by comma. This is a very fast search engine, which will quickly search your candidates, contacts, notes, jobs and emails and show you the results in tabs like below.

Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System - Search Results Page

There are 4 tabs that are shown, each tab has a count of the number of results for each category.

  • Candidates – Shows a list of all candidates, who have the matching terms in their data fields or notes.
  • Jobs – Shows a list of all jobs, who have the matching terms in their data fields.
  • Contacts – Shows a list of all clients and hiring managers, who have the matching terms in their data fields or notes.
  • Emails – Shows a list of all emails, who have the matching terms in their data fields.

Each result in each tab, has a “View” button, clicking on the view button, will show a popup with the relevant record. It will also have the relevant terms highlighted, so that you can quickly see why the result was matched. Image below, shows the popup with result.

Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System - Matching Search Result

Beside the search box, you can see 2 options “All” and “Any”. It means what it says, if you select all, the search results will ensure the result has all the search terms. If any is selected, it will return results, even if one of the terms is a match for the record.

Thanks again to our users for the feedback. This is a good feature addition to make your recruiting snappier. If you have questions, suggestions or feedback, please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

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