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Labor Law Posting

Definition: Labor law postings are requirements for employers to publicly display specific federal, state, and local labor and employment law notices in the workplace.

These posters provide information about employees’ rights, employer obligations, and relevant regulations under various employment laws. The goal is to ensure that employees are informed about their rights and the standards to which employers are held.

Key points to include in the labor law posting

  1. Mandatory Postings: Employers are mandated by various federal and state agencies to display these posters in a conspicuous location, such as break rooms, where employees can easily read them.
  2. Types of Information: Common topics covered by these postings include minimum wage laws, occupational safety and health regulations, workers’ compensation rules, family and medical leave rights, equal employment opportunity rules, and more.
  3. Federal vs. State Postings: While there are federally required posters (like those from the U.S. Department of Labor), each state may have its own specific posters that employers need to display. Employers must ensure they are compliant with both federal and state requirements.
  4. Multiple Locations: For businesses with multiple work sites, these postings are typically required at each location.
  5. Digital Workplaces: With the rise of remote work, some jurisdictions may require or allow for digital or electronic distribution of these notices to ensure remote workers also have access to the information.
  6. Updates: Laws and regulations change over time, and therefore the content of these posters can be updated. Employers must ensure they are displaying the most recent and up-to-date versions.
  7. Penalties: Failure to display the correct labor law posters can result in fines or penalties. Regularly reviewing and updating postings can help employers avoid these fines.
  8. Specialized Postings: Depending on the nature of the business, additional postings might be required. For instance, a construction company might have different or additional posting requirements compared to an office-based business.
  9. Languages: In areas with a diverse workforce where multiple languages are spoken, employers might be required to display these posters in multiple languages.
  10. Accessibility: It’s crucial that these posters are placed in a location that’s easily accessible and visible to all employees, including those with disabilities.


Why are labor law postings required?

They ensure that employees are aware of their rights, benefits, and obligations under various employment laws. The postings act as a constant reminder and reference for both employers and employees.

Where should these posters be displayed?

Posters should be displayed in conspicuous locations within the workplace where employees can easily see and read them, such as break rooms, hallways, or near time clocks.

I have multiple business locations; do I need postings at each one?

Yes, each business location should have its own set of up-to-date labor law posters visible to employees.

How often do I need to update these posters?

Whenever there’s a change in relevant laws or regulations, you may need to update your posters. It’s a good practice to regularly review federal and state labor agency websites for updates.

What if my employees speak multiple languages?

In areas with diverse language populations, employers may be required to display labor law notices in multiple languages.

I have remote employees; how do I ensure they have access to these postings?

For remote or digital workplaces, electronic distribution or access to these notices might be necessary. Check with legal counsel to ensure compliance for remote workers.

What happens if I don’t display the required posters?

Failure to display mandatory labor law posters can result in fines, penalties, or other legal consequences.

Can I print these posters from the Internet?

While many federal and state agencies offer printable versions of these posters online, it’s crucial to ensure they are the most up-to-date versions and are printed in a size that is legible and compliant with regulations.

Are there companies that provide consolidated labor law posters?

Yes, many companies offer consolidated labor law posters that combine multiple required notices in a single poster. These can be especially convenient and are often updated annually or when significant law changes occur.

Apart from federal laws, what other posters might I need?

In addition to federal postings, you’ll also need to display posters pertaining to state and local labor laws. The specific posters required can vary greatly by state and locality.

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