How Do Small Businesses Hire Great People?

When it comes to hiring and recruiting great people, the challenges that are faced by small organizations and businesses are quite similar to the ones faced by large businesses. The latter has the advantage of employing people who are pros at recruiting or outsourcing the complete hiring process to professional headhunters. These businesses are able to attract top candidates with their brand value, stock options, benefits apart from monetary ones, and career advancement opportunities.

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Small businesses have their own perks such as the true flavor of teamwork that is best enjoyed in a small firm. People stay close together and take on different responsibilities which makes them experts at multi-tasking. Employees can clearly see how their hard work is impacting the company. These businesses, however, face a serious challenge when it comes to getting great people on board. Thanks to technology such as Applicant Tracking Systems, small businesses can now easily join the big leagues and hire just like the world’s bigger companies do. This blog details how a small business can hire, interview, and recruit great people with the help of an ATS.

1.   Attract the Candidates

One common misconception that commonly prevails in the market is that websites are designed only to attract customers. The website is the face of the company. It should be designed to fulfill the needs of job seekers as well. The career page should be exclusively targeted to attract job seekers. The “About Us” section should highlight the company’s history, achievements, and everything that would make a job seeker interested in working for them.

Creating job listings and posting jobs manually to career pages and other job portals is a lethargic and monotonous job. But, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) automates everything related to recruitment. An ATS automatically creates job listings and posts the job vacancies on career pages as well as online job boards. This quality recruiting solution comes with a small widget that automatically gets integrated with the ATS and syncs with the company’s branding. This way, it gives the exact look and feel to the page as that of the existing website.

An ATS helps recruiters expand their reach to find quality hires because candidates are able to apply directly from the career page itself. The recruiting software enables the recruiters to create a customized questionnaire that helps them to understand the candidate’s capabilities, interests, and skills in a better way.

2.      Use Social Platforms

Enticing great candidates through online job boards and the career page is halfway done. It’s time to understand the power of social media to attract more talented high quality candidates. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and some other professional sites help the recruiters find their perfect match.

The ATS comes in handy at this stage as it helps to draft email templates. This means the same message can be sent to all potential candidates without having to retype the same message a number of times.

When a candidate responds to the email with his resume, it is automatically imported in the ATS. A new profile is created for every candidate who applies to the company and all the candidate information is stored in the candidate database.    

3.      Personal Interaction Sessions and Interviews

After the candidate enticing work is done, it’s time to get them in for personal interaction sessions or interviews. The integration of ATS into the HR system leaves ample time for recruiters to interact and get to know the candidates personally. It is very important that a candidate interacts and speaks with various team members as it helps the team members determine if that candidate is a good fit for their project or not.  

The interviews can be scheduled by the ATS automatically by getting the best dates from both the interviewer and the candidate. Also, the ATS will send reminder emails to all the people involved in recruiting along with the candidate. The hiring team can view all the candidate details in the recruiting software.

After each interview round, the candidate assessment is completed by the hiring team and the same is stored in the ATS. The recruiters can track the candidate’s performance through each round easily.

4.      Ask the Right Questions

The interviewer can begin the interview by asking about the objectives and qualifications related to the job applied for. Following that, it will be useful to understand the candidate’s capabilities.

Employees in small companies perform various other tasks apart from their own role. So, the interviewer needs to assess the candidate’s willingness to take on additional roles. The candidates should be ready to take on new challenges apart from the assigned ones. Flexibility and openness is the call which the candidate has to take on.  

5.   An Offer They Cannot Refuse

After the interview session, the recruiters may have found their perfect candidate but the war isn’t over yet. The main task is to convince the candidates to join the team. If candidates are eagerly looking for a job change, they may agree to any offer that is made by a company. But in most cases, this isn’t the case. Even if candidates say yes, they might not necessarily join the team.

So, the best way is to ask the candidates about their expectations from the company along with the salary package they are looking at. This way the recruiters can filter out the candidates who do not fall in their range or expectations. Offering some extra benefits apart from the fixed salary such as paid vacations, work from home options, paid home trip, etc will definitely encourage the candidates to join the team.   

Good candidates always clamor for exciting job positions and the toughest task is to pick a talented person for the company. The time and money spent in hiring one employee goes to waste when the recruiter finalizes a candidate and that candidate doesn’t show up or leaves the company within a few months of joining. So, hiring quality employees who will remain with the company long term is the actual goal.

Some Final Words

An ATS helps to streamline all the underlying recruiting processes thereby boosting the candidate experience and brand value of the company.  By using the modern day Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the small businesses get ample time to focus on business expansion as all the recruiting needs are taken care of by the ATS itself.

In a nutshell, a team of great and loyal employees gets created without any difficulty by integrating the existing HR system with ATS.

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