How to Impress Clients Using Resume Formatting Service?

The first impression is not only the longest but also the main influencing factor that forms the basis of almost all future decisions in every industry. The same holds true for client relationships. The resumes of candidates are the first interaction point between the agency and the organization. Most of the time, the employers tend to form an opinion about the candidate from the resume itself much before meeting them. So, resume presentation (better presented with a resume formatting service) plays a crucial role in convincing the clients that the candidate is a perfect fit for their company.

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Gone are the days when staffing agencies and placement firms used to perform manual operations for record-keeping and resume sorting. Staffing agency software has completely revolutionized and streamlined the underlying process in the recruitment industry. From resume scanning to application filtering and from resume parsing to curating impeccable candidate profiles, everything is automated and is conducted within fractions of seconds.

The recruiters from the staffing firms can easily impress their clients by using the resume formatting tool and candidate management software. Here are the top 8 ways by which a resume formatting service helps the staffing firms to amp up their recruiting endeavors and strike a compelling impression on clients.

1.     Reduce Time to Hire

Using a professional resume formatting service, the recruiters can easily parse and store resumes in the database. Just a single query and the recruiters can sort the candidates as per the job description of the clients. In fact, the software helps in building and maintaining a pool of passive candidates who can turn up to be great choices for the clients in the future. The best-matched profiles are retrieved with a single click. This certainly reduces the time and effort required. So, this way the companies can submit best-matched quality profiles to their clients the same day.

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2.     Smart and Standardized Candidate Resumes

The main objective of every staffing firm is to capture the client’s mind smartly and what could be better than sending them staggering candidate profiles for their job requirements. The resume formatting service helps to draft standardized resumes of the candidates as per the latest industry trends. All the formatting such as removal of personal information, highlighting skills and experience, removing underline-italics-bold characters, making them printer-friendly, etc can be done easily with the help of a resume formatting tool. These tools are generally inbuilt in an applicant tracking system but are available as independent software as well.

3.     Standardized Email Templates

A professionally-formatted email is very essential as it creates a sense of reliability and trust. It signifies the staffing firm’s credibility and a good method to ensure branding. A resume formatting service enables staffing agency users to create customized email templates as per clients’ needs and branding preferences.

4.     Resume Formatting Service Supports Multiple Formats

The organizations (clients) may demand the candidate profiles in a particular format such as .pdf or .docx. By using the advanced staffing agency software the recruiters can download the finished products in any format of their choice including .pdf, .txt or .docx. In fact, the staffing agency software has the capability to parse any type of resume into profiles within seconds. Before sending the profiles/resumes to the clients, the staffing firms can also watermark the resumes. This way the recruiters can protect their hard work and ensure the candidate’s intellectual property.

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5.     Efficient Candidate Management with Resume Formatting Service

Using the modern-day candidate management system, tracking resumes and candidates has become more easy and quick. The recruiters can easily view and update the information so as to offer the best candidates to clients and vice versa. The users of the resume formatting tool are authorized to customize the templates as per their choice and requirements on an easy to operate dashboard. With the user-friendly UI of the software, less technical knowledge is required to operate the software and hence, can be managed even by a non-technical person. The staffing firms don’t need to deploy a dedicated staff member for the operation of the software.

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6.     Remote Availability

The resume formatting software is cloud-based which means that the recruiters can offer quality profiles to their clients anytime and from anywhere. The remote accessibility offers the recruiters to collaborate with their clients beyond international boundaries as well.

7.     Quality Relationship Building

As most of the work is done by the resume formatting service– from resume parsing to formatting to creating dynamic candidate profiles, it leaves ample time for the recruiters to involve in other activities. The recruiters from the staffing firm can spend quality time understanding their client’s requirements and needs. This helps them to deliver best-matched candidates to the clients, further strengthening relationships with the clients.

8.     Eliminates Document Management

The advanced staffing agency software impresses clients by delivering accurate and quality-driven results. The algorithms and design architecture of modern-day resume formatters are exceptional and offer error-free deliveries. This ensures fast and accurate parsing of the resumes sourced through various channels such as job portals, emails, social media and career pages. The digitization and automation of the resumes have eliminated the document and spreadsheet management.  

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The candidate profile is the mirror of what you can deliver to the clients. It’s not just a summary of experience and skills but indeed a summary of the candidate’s personality and your potential to deliver the best. Deliver best candidate profiles with the latest cloud-driven resume formatting service, iReformat. The software is well designed to cater to the needs of small to midsized firms.

Get the resumes formatted, parsed and added to candidate database pool instantly. The web-based interface is easy to use, manage and access. The users can work remotely and can add and delete/edit/modify the existing profiles speedily. The patent technology helps to customize each resume as per the brand as well as the client’s needs. It takes the pain off the recruiter’s shoulders and frees up their time so that they can focus on other aspects of business growth.

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