How to use ATS for Small Business for Effective Candidate Sourcing?

With the advent of technology, every company is floating and advertising its job descriptions at various online as well as offline platforms. The organizations have curated impressive social media profiles, impeccable career pages and striking job descriptions on online job portals. But it becomes difficult to manage the resumes flowing from different channels. What they need is a single stop candidate management system (ATS for Small Business) that ensures recruiters are getting the right candidates from all the sources to one commonplace.

ATS for Small Business

Yes! I am talking about a modern-day Applicant Tracking System that helps in sourcing candidates from different places into one single place. A small company applicant tracking system receives resumes in all formats and sorts them as desired by the recruiters and the hiring manager.  Let’s have a look at how ATS for Small Business amps up the candidate sourcing endeavors and delivers high quality hires.

1.     Building Relationships with Audience

Running a business needs solid marketing and advertising strategies. The organizations need to stay connected and well-tuned with the audience and their interests. The audience is not only the customers but it consists of current employees, passive candidates and stakeholders as well.  If the organization fails to connect with the right audience it may be reflected as negligence and arrogance on the company’s part. A well-engaged audience depicts that the organization is community-oriented and cares for them. The best way to connect with the audience is through messaging, social media posts and emails.

Cloud-based online recruiting software offers its users the ability to milk it for all it’s worth. The users (recruiters or hiring managers) can send emails and text messages to the pool of candidates in a single click. Even the posting of job descriptions or social media posts can be scheduled and posted with ATS. Rather than getting a runaround with various channels manually, an ATS for Small Business helps by automating all the time-consuming activities. This keeps the audience aware of all the achievements, upcoming projects, the company’s mission, accomplishments and job openings.

A strong relationship infuses trust and reliability in the market and improves the visibility of the organization. This visibility ensures a staggering response for all job openings posted by the company.

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2.     Easily accept referrals with your ATS for Small Business

Employee Referrals are the most reliable and highest converting candidate sourcing channel. Many companies prefer to take recommendations from external sources as well such as staffing firms or placement agencies. A small business applicant tracking system ensures that things are managed seamlessly and at one single point.

Whenever the recruiters create a new job opening, it is accompanied by a unique email/URL address. So, the moment resumes are received, they are sorted and stored into profiles accordingly. In fact, using the ATS analytics the hiring managers can even get to know who the company’s top referrers are.

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3.     Creating a Candidate Database

Traditionally, the recruiters used spreadsheets to maintain a candidate pool. But searching and maintaining records in spreadsheets was tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, it was prone to errors and data breaches. The applicant tracking system offers a secure way to store all the resumes as searchable profiles. Now the recruiters can easily store the resumes of talented candidates who haven’t got the right opportunity at that point of time.  All the best resumes can be uploaded in the ATS for Small Business and it will automatically parse the resumes and store the information in different profiles.

So, next time when a requirement arises, the recruiters can trigger a search query using the relevant keywords and get the best profiles stored in the database. Going through the existing profiles eventually improves time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

4.     Know the Source of every Candidate

With the help of the ATS for Small Business’s reporting and analytics feature, the recruiters can easily track the candidate’s source, its demographic location, the channel from where the application was received, etc. This helps to unveil the channels that are generating maximum applications. So, the recruiters can make more strategic decisions related to recruitment and take actions diligently.

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The recruiters can accurately predict the exact cost and budget for the next recruiting sessions. They can also ensure the organization of hiring the best quality candidates in a minimum time frame.  With the centralized database and reporting by ATS for Small Business, the companies can keep their best foot forward while sourcing the candidates in this competitive landscape.

5.     Tracking the Applicants

It is very important to focus on candidate experience as it affects your future sourcing actions. The recruiters need to assure that the entire recruiting event completes steadily in a timely manner with the best candidate experience offered. The ATS for Small Business aids the hiring Manager to get an insight into all the candidates who have applied along with their status in the recruitment funnel.  The recruiter can even drill down to have a look at if a candidate has applied for multiple job openings.

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Apart from this, an ATS for Small Business automatically triggers acknowledgment emails to all the candidates who have applied. The ones, who have been shortlisted or are waiting for the next rounds, are notified automatically. Every ATS comes with a shared calendar that helps to decide on interview date and time seamlessly.

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Recruiteze is a fully secure cloud-based modern applicant tracking system that is best suited to meet all your recruiting needs. The candidate pool created by Recruiteze helps the recruiters to proactively source the best candidates and helps to fill the vacancy efficiently and quickly. This frees up the recruiters valuable time which they can use to stay focused on other activities such as interviewing the candidates to zero-in the best candidate. 

This mobile-friendly solution eliminates every glitch in the recruitment process by tracking the applicants at every stage. Recruiteze real-time collaborative hiring feature enables all the team members to view and share their feedback for every candidate. By triggering automatic email notification and text messages, the candidates are kept updated in their journey through the sourcing funnel. The recruiters can easily customize the recruitment pipeline, shortlist the perfect fit and can stay on top of the sourcing cycle with this smart candidate management software. 

Apart from task automation, Recruiteze ensures timely task completion by eliminating all the delays and discrepancies caused due to human intervention. It keeps the entire recruitment funnel at fingertips as all the team members can work together remotely as well. 

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