Social Recruitment – Is It an Option Anymore?

Mr. X quits the post of a senior executive in the production department. The hunt for the new employee starts immediately. Did you realize the costs involved in hunting and recruiting a new employee? Did the organization suffer from a loss in productivity of work and maybe a significant work loss that irked the clients and resulted in missed deadlines? Did you feel the brunt of training a new employee and getting the employee acquainted to the new system and working style? Mr. Y was finally anointed but was an absolute misfit and had to be soon replaced. The vicious circle of hiring, recruiting, and employee orientation starts yet again! Do you need free online recruiting software to help your hiring efforts? Start your free trial of Recruiteze today.

Free Online Recruiting Software

A tremendous amount of time, money, energy, and sanity are lost in the process of hiring and recruiting a suitable fit. Up until the beginning of the century, the hiring department was putting advertisements in newspapers, pamphlets, and e-mails to reach out to candidates. It was almost like hitting a bull’s eye blindfolded.

The next phase was even tougher. The plethora of applications pouring in had to be filtered. Reading each application and sorting on the basis of various criteria was a mammoth task. More than half of the applications were on a mere ‘let’s give it a try’ basis. Only a tiny percentage used to be genuine applications and worth considering. This would mean calling nearly 5% of total applicants for an interview and then calling the 1% of total applicants for the final interview. Phew! It used to be more exhausting than one could imagine. Massive man hours were lost in selecting the ‘best fit’ for the post was the accompanying outcome.

Now can you imagine this vicious circle being repeated every now and then for various posts? Then multiply the horror if multiple posts were vacant. What was the solution? How could the hiring personnel focus on more concrete work and productivity? Technology gave rise to a new invention to fight the trauma. What emerged, as a result, is called social recruiting.  Social recruitment or social media recruitment is the process of recruiting candidates by using social media as databases. This is a much quicker hiring tool and it allows the right kind of employees to be recruited at the right time. Social media is used as a tool to share online jobs, job referrals, and crowdsourcing. This has expanded the horizon of candidate database and workforce pool.

The Volume of Social Recruiting Is ‘Larger Than Life’

The data on social recruiting highlights its ever burgeoning relevance in the field of hiring. According to SHRM survey the usage of social hiring tools has been quick in fast paced companies. The cloud based online job portals have seen an upsurge. Social media recruiting has seen a rise of 54% in the last few years. In 2011, only 56% of companies were hiring on the basis of social media, whereas the proportion has now risen to a startling 84%.

There was a steady rise in the competition, increase in the salary expectations, and an increase in the length of the hiring cycles. This necessitated the need of a reliable hiring platform. Salary expectations kept the job openings unoccupied for a very long time. Moreover the reputation of the employer and expectations made the recruitment cumbersome and time consuming.

The need for reliable social and mobile platforms for job searching and recruitment were mandatory as a result. With the job searching social platforms the ratio of active candidates has increased. The process of applying for jobs has become much easier. Companies are more organized and swift in filling a post and ensconcing a newly recruited employee.

The Role of Social Recruiting

Gone are the days when social media was used to portray family pictures and outings. It is a lot more than that. Nearly 94% of professional recruiters post jobs online. About 59% of employees share that their reason for joining a particular company was because of its active social media presence. The use of Twitter and LinkedIn is rampant and is very significant in job searching and recruiting phases.

According to 2018 LinkedIn Reports, AI is a bold disrupter and is helping them save time (67%), remove human bias (43%), and deliver the best candidate matches (31%). Respondents also said that AI is most helpful when sourcing candidates (58%), screening (56%), and nurturing candidates (55%).

One misfit can cost the company a fortune in terms of loss of work and clients and inefficiency starts creeping in. The wide arena of networking can help the company find active candidates quickly, find passive candidates for ad-hoc work, and get the position filled without much loss in work and productivity. In fact, your competitors are using social recruiting to get the best hires. Why are you late in opening the LinkedIn account or posting the job openings on other portals like Facebook or Twitter?

The Extensive Use of Social Media Recruiting by Employees

In the present scenario, it is not just the employers, recruiting agencies, or big and small companies looking for employees via social media, the trend has seen a significant rise in the usage by employees too. The apps are becoming mobile phone compatible which makes it even easier and more convenient to apply.

Social network hiring has proven to deliver the best results over referral programs or newspaper advertisements. The increased usage of mobile phone applications has made the job market flexible and allows you to find suitable candidates quickly. Whether you are 18 or 59, applications on mobile phones have been a boon in the recruitment market.

Advantages of Social Media Recruitment

As innumerable recruitment agencies and competitors are on the lookout for best hires, your company has to be vigilant and popular on social media to avail the following benefits:

  • Increases Job Visibility

With a massive user base, social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook have rendered increased visibility of job posts. Millennials are extensively using the LinkedIn job hunting portal and being prompt and active for applying the jobs they see. Social media can reach more people than any other source and has been material in hiring quality caliber and talented candidate pool for companies.

  • Better Quality Hires

Tech-savvy, educated, dynamic, and smart candidates are what companies are on the lookout for. This is a fundamental requisite which is fulfilled given that the candidate has a sensible social media presence.

The social media presence ensures that the candidates are adept at the latest trends and techniques, ready to add skills, and have the knowledge to stay updated.

  • Employer Branding

A bad employer brand is good enough a reason to quit or not join the organization. Social media is an effective tool in increasing the brand value of the product as well as the employer. A level of trust and confidence can be built with positive endorsement on social media.

This helps to garner a positive response among candidates applying for the job. Social media makes the company favorable among employees, prospective candidates, and clients.

  • Shorter Hiring Cycle

The cycle of social media hiring is way shorter than the previous hiring techniques. Communication is effective and fast when contacted through social media and this gives rise to long term dependable work relationships too.

Hiring candidates through social media is a win-win situation for both the company and the employee as it is likely that the interest of the hiring manager and the candidates are similar.

  • Screening Candidates

Social media platforms and profiles are mirror images of the company and the employee’s thoughts and ideologies. The concerns that they have voiced through their profiles speaks volumes about the mindset of the employees or the company culture.

This gives a clear insight as to what kind of employees the company wants to hire. The company can screen out the candidates who are not in sync with the work culture and working style.

Free Online Recruiting Software is the Next-Big thing

The recent trend is that companies seek the help of free online recruiting software. Recruiteze is the best online software company that designs systems with a custom job board, unlimited e-mail templates, and unlimited automated resume formatting and parsing. Social media gives a competitive edge to hiring and recruiting. Marketing is becoming more competitive on social media and so is the field of recruitment.

The alignment of resume formatting software with the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and requisition management is a prominent feature of Recruiteze and the ease in hiring has made this software the most popular online hiring tool.

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