Top 3 Breezy HR Alternatives and Competitors In 2022

Breezy HR Alternatives and Competitors

Have you realized that you are stuck with the wrong recruiting software?

Or that it is the time to upgrade?

Or you just have to switch from Breezy HR for whatever reason, and now you are searching for the ideal alternative that will fit your recruiting needs and processes.

In that case, you are at the right place.

We know how stressful and onerous it can be to switch from one to another recruiting software. It is a significant change that requires the whole team to stay positive and willing to learn and adapt to the new software.

To save you time from going through numerous demos, free trials, and new mistakes, we have tested dozens of recruiting software ourselves.

During the testing, we have scored and compared the software based on several key factors:

  1. User experience – How easy is it to use the new software compared to Breezy HR?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth the change?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

The software we have come up with as the best Breezy HR alternatives for each use case are the following:

  1. Breezy HR alternative #1: Recruiteze – SMB and staffing agency solution
  2. Breezy HR alternative #2: Lever – Large enterprise solution
  3. Breezy HR alternative #3: BambooHR – HR management solution

Before getting straight into why we have chosen those three software, let’s take a brief look into Breezy HR.

Breezy HR Overview

Breezy HR Overview

Breezy HR Strengths

  • Integration with HRIS apps – Breezy HR can integrate with other HRIS software, like BambooHR, Namely, and Zenefits.
  • Drag and drop interface – Their drag and drop way of managing candidates and moving them through various stages of the hiring pipeline is super easy.
  • Advanced questionnaires – Breezy HR allows you to create advanced questionaries with branching logic that serves relevant questions based on the candidate’s answer.

Breezy HR Weaknesses

  • Inconsistencies in reporting – We have encountered a few problems with reports that didn’t align with the data we got from other software.
  • Many features aren’t included in the pricing – Breezy HR is certainly not well known for the friendly pricing system, and some of the features like SMS messaging, Dedicated Account Manager and Talent Search require additional purchase.

Breezy HR Pricing

Breezy HR Pricing

Breezy HR offers both a free trial and a free version of the software. However, both free and Startup versions won’t be enough for most businesses, and in the end, you will be paying a price of $299.

This is simply because some features like eSignature, multiple recruiting pipelines, and automated reference checking aren’t included in the Startup version.

And, if you want to get at least one of the add-ons, it is evident how the price can skyrocket so quickly. This can pose a problem for SMBs and turn them away.

However, even if your company is small to medium-sized, keep on reading since the next in line is the software designed for SMBs.

Breezy HR Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Breezy HR Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Yes, before you say it, Recruiteze is our software. We won’t say that it is the best solution for everyone since it truly isn’t.

Recruiteze is built with staffing agencies and small businesses in mind. Hence it wouldn’t be suitable for large companies yet.

If you are an SMB or a staffing agency, keep on reading to see why Recruiteze might be the ideal fit for streamlining your recruiting efforts and upscaling your business.

Recruiteze Strengths

  • User-friendly UI – Recruiteze comes with a minimalistic, intuitive user interface. The whole software is designed to make you more time-efficient, not only through numerous automation but also by requiring minimal scrolling and clicking to get tasks done.
  • Workflow customization – Workflows are entirely customizable so that they can fit your recruiting processes from A to Z.
  • CRM features – Recruiteze comes with in-built CRM features that allow you to keep all the communications in one place. You can integrate your email address with Recruiteze, keep notes on candidates and share them with other team members.

Recruiteze CRM features

  • Resume reformatting – This is essential for staffing and recruiting agencies that have to deal with many resumes daily. iReformat is a tool entirely complimentary with Recruiteze that allows you to reformat dozens of resumes in just a few seconds to fit your client’s or industry standards.

Recruiteze Shortcomings

  • Not suitable for large businesses – Recruiteze is mainly built for SMBs and staffing agencies; therefore, it won’t fit most larger enterprises.

Recruiteze Pricing

recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze offers a 15-day free trial, so you can test it out before subscribing.

Pricing is reasonable and scalable, so you can easily upgrade or downgrade according to your current business and hiring needs.

There are 3different plans offered, including the custom plan:

  1. $49 per month – Excellent for small businesses wanting to utilize a pack of most essential features, including careers pages, candidate workflows, and online job application functions.
  2. $99 per month – Designed for businesses with multiple recruiters and a heavier workload.
  3. Enterprise custom plan – If you need a bigger customized plan make sure to contact us.

Test out Recruiteze for free now!

What do users have to say about Recruiteze?

To give you a complete picture, we will include some of the reviews of other users of Recruiteze:

Recruiteze reviews

Recruiteze reviews

Breezy HR Alternative #2: Lever

Breezy HR Alternative #2: Lever

Lever is a modern ATS with in-built CRM features, designed mainly for larger enterprises.

Lever has two versions of its product:

  1. Lever talent acquisition suite – Focused on building relationships with candidates, candidate pipelines, and candidate experience.
  2. LeverTRM – A complete talent acquisition suite – A combination of an ATS and a robust CRM.

They also offer add-on solutions like:

  1. Advanced automation
  2. Advanced HR
  3. Advanced nurture
  4. Advanced reporting

Lever Strengths

  • Intuitive UI – The user interface is simple and straightforward.
  • Detailed reports – Reports come with perfect data visualization and give great insight into campaign performance.
  • Maximizing candidate relationships – Whether current or past candidates, Lever allows you to get the most out of them. You can easily reconnect with old candidates through Lever to get tasks done.
  • Great CRM functions – Lever is one of the best talent relationship management tools on the market, which is why it is popular amongst enterprises that really need to focus on talent nurturing.

Lever CRM functionalities

Lever Shortcomings

  • Getting used to it – If you have never used a recruitment software of this type, it can take you some time to get used to it and learn how to use it easily and quickly. Even though we have stated the UI is intuitive and user-friendly, it is not the most minimalistic one. Hence you will need some time to remember where which feature is.
  • Only really suited for large enterprises – If you are not a large company with hundreds of employees who are constantly on the talent hunt, then Lever won’t make much sense. And this is not because of the price, but because you just won’t need all the advanced features offered.

Lever Pricing