Top 3 JazzHR Competitors and Alternatives In 2022 [Recruiter Verified]

Many recruiters and HR professionals find that the available recruiting software in the market are very similar. Therefore they are not sure which software is the best fit for their company. This only gets worse since loads of ATS don’t even offer a free trial.

Companies rely on software demos, price tags, and other users’ experiences when determining which ATS they should choose. Only when they have finally started using the software they can realize that it might not be ideal for them.

Therefore, our experts tested JazzHR and JazzHR Competitors and Alternatives to help you make an educated decision when choosing your new ATS.

We have come up with the top 3 alternatives:

  1. JazzHR Alternative #1: Recruiteze
  2. JazzHR Alternative #2: SmartRecruiters
  3. JazzHR Alternative #3: Workable

Overview of JazzHR ATS

JazzHR is a recruitment tool that breaks down talent acquisition into three different stages: finding the candidates, identifying the best ones, and hiring them.

JazzHR advantages

  • Customizations – JazzHR offers highly customizable workflows, descriptions, templates, and integrations.
  • Assessment and evaluation templates — JazzHR allows you to gather specific skills and experiences that you need at any moment to find the strengths your team needs.
  • Automated scoring — JazzHR’s has easy 1-10 scores to help you quickly evaluate applicant’s skills and compare candidates more accurately and precisely.

JazzHR shortcomings

  • Clunky interface — Compared to other alternatives on the list, JazzHR has not as intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • Limited search capabilities — It is hard to search for candidates in multiple job postings.

JazzHR pricing

Price is not the friendliest, and there is a big gap between the Hero and Plus pricing plan. If you are a staffing agency, you will be looking at a Plus plan of $229/mo on annual billing.

If you want all the functionalities at a lower price, scroll down to the Recruiteze section since it allows you to streamline every stage of your hiring process while saving time and being cost-effective.

JazzHR Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Recruiteze advantages

  • Intuitive and modern UI – Recruiteze is designed to make you more time-efficient. Therefore, navigation through the software is seamless, requiring minimal scrolling and clicking. In addition, all the information and data is presented in a scannable way cutting down time you have to spend searching for it.
  • Effective management – Recruitize is packed with CRM features. Thanks to that, you can keep all of your candidate, client, and hiring managers’ communications in one place. This way, the whole team can stay up to date with progress.
  • Workflow customization – Each company has a different hiring process, and we know that. You won’t need to adapt your hiring processes to the software since it is highly customizable. You can quickly and easily tailor and design a workflow to your company’s existing hiring process.

  • Scaling with ease – With Recruiteze, you can be more productive by saving you time on manual, dull, time-consuming tasks. While Recruiteze handles all the tedious tasks, you can focus on the important things, like networking. Building and enhancing relationships with clients and candidates and creating a positive experience for everyone.
  • Resume reformatting service – Recruiteze offers a resume reformatting service, iReformat. It is complementary with Recruiteze ATS and a must for staffing agencies. It supports blind hiring and has an iOS mobile app. It also supports .docx, PDF, and text formats.

Recruiteze shortcomings

  • Not compatible with enterprises – Since Recruiteze is mainly built for SMBs and staffing agencies, it is still not the best fit for large enterprises.

Recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze offers a 15-day free trial, which is great for testing out all the features offered and seeing yourself if it is the right fit.

Recruiteze comes with five flexible pricing packages:

  1. Free plan – Excellent for small businesses that just want to store their applicants in an easily readable way, search them, and make notes on applicants for future reference so they can be easily found for interviews.
  2. $21.2 per month – Perfect for small businesses with only one person hiring and want to utilize a whole pack of features, including the game-changing careers page, candidate workflows, and online job application functions.
  3. $42.46 per month – Good for mid-sized businesses with multiple people with hiring duties and much more workload.
  4. $84.95 per month – Great solution for staffing agencies. Offers twice as much resume parsing capabilities and 25 users and active jobs.
  5. Custom plan – If you need a bigger plan than enterprise one or some custom features, then make sure to contact us.

Test out Recruiteze for free now!

JazzHR Alternative #2: Smartrecruiters

SmartRecruiters is a hiring platform best for companies above 50 employees in all types of businesses.

Smartrecruiters advantages

  • Mobile app – SmartRecruiters offers a mobile application optimized for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Simple UI – User Interface is straightforward to navigate through, providing a great user experience for recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Candidate experience – SmartRecruiters offers great candidate experience and conversion rate optimization, making more applicants fill the forms.
  • Mobile responsive – Experience is seamless and straightforward on mobile devices, just like on desktops.

Smartrecruiters shortcomings

  • High costs – Pricing plans are not visible on their website, since it is quote-based. However, the quotes will be too high in most cases, especially for SMBs.
  • No free trial – This is always a con because every user should be able to test out the product themselves before deciding to use it. Demos are simply not enough.

Smartrecruiters pricing

SmartRecruiters’ pricing system is quote-based, and there is also no free trial.

JazzHR Alternative #3: Workable

Workable positions itself as a hiring software suitable for all types of businesses, in all industries.

Now, whether they are the best choice for you, keep on reading to discover.

Workable advantages

  • Career page builder – Workable has its native page builder with pre-built templates.
  • Ready to go job descriptions – It offers more than 700 ready and editable job descriptions for you in case you are struggling with creativity.
  • Mobile app – Workable offers an impressive mobile application made to make your job easier since many recruiters use phones for work.
  • Video interviews – Workable offers video interview functionality, which is more than needed in today’s remote world. And if you are busy, you can use their AI-generated interview to create a complete video interview for you.

Workable shortcomings

  • Blind hiring – Workable doesn’t support blind hiring, and their customer support isn’t of much help since they won’t customize the features to fit your needs perfectly. If you want to have an ATS that supports blind hiring, you should opt for Recruiteze.
  • Price – The starting price is $99, which seems a lot compared to other software, and most businesses will be paying far more than that.

Workable pricing

At a $99 per job per month starting price this software is certainly not suitable for most SMBs, as it becomes more expensive over time. Most businesses will need to upgrade right off the start, making the price skyrocket.

This is why we mainly recommend Workable to bigger businesses and staffing agencies that naturally have higher budgets.

If you are an average-sized business looking for a great solution to manage applicants and streamline your recruiting processes while saving up time and money, then Recruiteze is your tool of choice.

So, what is the best JazzHR competitor?

So you have come to the very end; let’s see which tool you should choose.

Who should use Smartrecruiters?


Who should use Workable?

Bigger and large-sized businesses.

Who should use Recruiteze?

SMBs and staffing agencies.

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