Applicant Tracking System – How to renew a job

This kb article pertains to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

With the “Renew” feature, you can renew the job quickly. When you renew a job, the job posting date changes to the current date and the post expire date is extended for another three months, the job is also made active.

The renew feature is accessible from the “Job Requisitions” list view like shown below:

Applicant Tracking System - Job Renew Feature
Recruiteze – job list renew feature

Clicking on the “Renew” button, will show a confirmation message like shown below:

Applicant Tracking System - Renew Job Confirmation
Recruiteze – Renew Job Confirmation

Upon confirmation, the job is renewed and will appear at the top of the list.

If you publish a renewed job, it is as good as posting a new job. You will start receiving applications.

You can also renew the job from the job detail page, like shown in the image below:

Applicant Tracking System: Job Detail Renew
Recruiteze: Renew job from job detail

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