How Can a Resume Formatting Service Help?

Automated Resume Formatting ServiceIf you are asking this question, you are either not aware that resume formatting service exists or not sure what a resume formatting service can do.

With the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years,it is increasingly hard to find and hire talent.

If you are looking for an automated resume formatting service, look no further. iReformat is the first fully automated resume formatting service. With iReformat, you can format a resume in 15 seconds with custom pre-configured resume templates. Try iReformat free today!

Automated Resume Formatting Service

An automated resume formatting service like iReformat can do the following things to make the candidate’s resume presentable.

    • Trim candidate contact information – A staffing agency rarely sends a candidate resume with the candidate information. This is mainly so that the client contacts the recruiter back if they need more information about the candidate.
    • Remove unwanted spaces – Believe it or not, still there are a lot of people who do not know how to use a word processing software like MS Word. Resumes come in all shapes and sizes and it can be annoying to remove spaces throughout the resume. An automated resume formatting service can get this job done.
    • Standardizing font styles – Every resume is different and they can have various font types. It helps for branding purposes, as well as appearance, when you have a standard font throughout the resume. It also shows a lot of professionalism on the part of the recruiter, when the hiring manager sees resumes that look similar every time.
    • Standardizing list styling – This is very important. We have seen resumes with multiple list styles at the same indentation level. This is a big no-no, it shows a lack of attention to detail. It is highly recommended that all the bullet/list styles are standardized at each level. It also needs to have the same standard font and size at each indentation level. This is a time-consuming process, if you were to do it manually.
    • Removing bold, italics, and underlines – There are a significant number of resumes that have a lot of words highlighted with bold, italics, or underlining. It makes sense for some of them, but it is annoying to the person looking at it when there are so many words highlighted. Most of the large staffing agencies remove all unwanted highlighting in the resume. This is another time-consuming process that you can do without.
    • Standardize margins – Resumes look good when the margins are set correctly throughout the resume. It saves a lot of time when a resume formatting tool can adjust these settings for you.
    • Standardizing dates – Most employers look at dates when they are reviewing resumes. It makes a big difference if the dates all look the same. Candidates maintain a resume over a period of time. We have seen numerous resumes where the date formatting is different from job to job. With an automated resume formatting tool like iReformat, this can be done by configuring the date format in the resume template.
    • Custom headers – Most staffing agencies have a header they use. The header can have a logo and additional information like recruiter, candidate, or company information. It is time consuming to edit the header each time. You can save a lot of time with a tool that can do this consistently every time.
    • Custom footers – We have seen cases where the footers are removed altogether, or you can add a footer. Again, the footers can have date, page number, and recruiter, candidate, or company information. It helps if a tool can do this consistently every time.
    • Formatting tables – Tables help organize information in a resume. But recruiters hate working on a resume with tables. With an automated resume formatting tool, the tables are standardized to fit with the margins. Other formatting options with borders and cells can be enabled.
    • Customizing sections – Most staffing agencies prefer a standard way of displaying company names, job titles, and education. It is a tedious process to update this information in a resume.

Now that you see what an automated resume formatting service can do, we will discuss how this can help you increase productivity and profitability.

Productivity and Profitability

Resume Formatting ServiceRecruiting for talent in this market requires building a personal rapport with the candidate. It is more like a customer relationship. You should reach out to candidates. They may not be looking or they may be available only if they find a job that fits their needs. It requires nurturing a relationship with the candidate, maintaining contact, and frequent communication.

The best way to build a relationship is by talking. It helps you understand the candidates’ needs better. The candidate would also be interested in understanding the current market requirements.

If you can spend more time talking to candidates, clients, and hiring managers it will lead to better relationships and
better closure rates. With higher closure rates, it will lead to profitability and commissions.

Resume formatting service adds a lot of value for branding and professionalism, but it is better for an automated system to do that.
If you can save 15 to 20 minutes per resume when you are submitting 3 resumes in a day that saves you almost an hour’s time, allowing you to do better things that help the bottom line.

iReformat Is the Best Automated Resume Formatting Service

iReformat is the first automated resume formatting service created for staffing agencies. With iReformat, you can increase productivity and profitability by saving time and increasing efficiency. With pre-configured custom resume templates, all your resumes look alike with the click of a button. iReformat is also available on the office app store so that you can format resumes within Microsoft Word. Try iReformat free today!

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