How Staffing Agency Software can help Hiring Teams to Hire Better?

Staffing Agency software has become a lifeline for every organization. From posting jobs to attracting top talent, from scrutinizing resumes to seamless onboarding- everything is taken care of by this amazing software. Staffing agency software is interchangeably known as an applicant tracking system as well.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss how Recruiteze serves as the best staffing agency software and helps the hiring teams to hire better.

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The Digitization of Recruiting Space

Inevitably recruiting needs a recruiter’s quality time and dedicated efforts. A slight imbalance in either of two would result in wrong hires. In a small company or a startup, the companies can’t afford to have a separate HR unit. All the recruiting tasks are done by the employees themselves often multitasking.

The employees themselves sort, rank and shortlist the resumes. Further, they take interviews and get the finalized ones onboard. In between there are numerous follow-up emails, offer letters and continuous communication messages that are sent manually.

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All thanks to recruiting software that helps to seamlessly handle high-volume resumes. Recruiteze digitizes all the underlying recruiting processes, thereby, eliminating the chance of losing a potential candidate due to delayed communication or high time-to-hire.

A majority of organizations have replaced their archaic recruiting strategies with awe-inspiring modern technology. Recruiteze offers social media recruiting, automatic workflows, real-time analytics and quick online assessments. This helps the recruiters to follow a systematic and conversion-driven strategy.

Recruiteze not only saves the time, energy and money of the organization but eventually gives a dramatic boost to candidate experience and employer brand.

Now, have a look at how Recruiteze helps in streamlining and simplifying the recruitment practices.

1. Recruiteze Widens the Audience Reach through Social Media Recruiting

The massive user base of social media platforms makes the recruitment time-consuming and tedious. Things become more difficult once the resumes and referrals start flowing in. Recruiteze helps the busy recruiters to manage all the social media platforms at one single place.

Right from customizing job descriptions, shortlisting resumes, emailing candidates and creating assessment reports, everything can be done using Recruiteze. By using this online staffing agency software, the recruiters can easily build a talent pool (talent pipeline) of potential candidates.

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2. Smart Filter Intelligence

Recruiteze is built with the latest AI technology that helps it to perform smart resume filtering. It frees up recruiters’ time to concentrate on other activities of the organization. Now the recruiters can focus on business activities, bringing more business, pitching new clients and giving quality new hires to the company.

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3. Boosts Time-to-Hire and Quality-of-Hire

Recruiteze gives complete control over the profiles, emails and job description templates to the recruiters. Now, the hiring managers can easily customize the candidate profiles and send them to their clients in the latest industry format. iReformat– the resume formatting software by Recruiteze allows the recruiters to perform customizations to the candidate profiles.

The recruiters can add header/footer, remove formatting and personal information of the candidate, rearrange fields, highlight sections, etc. This seriously eliminates the pain of curating profiles in a standard format.

4. Real-time and Informed Decisions

Recruiteze aids in collaborative hiring. All the team members can stay connected and informed on one single platform. The online applicant tracking system enhances candidate assessment data and helps in generating accurate predictions regarding attrition and employee turnover rates.

These analytical reports help recruiters to modify their strategies and stay proactive in the recruitment arena. The assessment reports help to give better insights that help the recruiter to make better hiring decisions. Recruiteze helps in avoiding the unmindful bias during recruiting as well.

5. Eliminates the Need to Outsource Recruitment

Most of the small companies, SMBs and start-ups often outsource their recruitment. With Recruiteze, you can save a lot of money as it acts as a smart recruiting assistant. All the underlying works are completed by the ATS. The recruiters are left only to interview the candidates and negotiate on the compensation offered.

Recruiteze is fully mobile friendly and can be assessed anywhere and at any time. In a nutshell, this smart staffing agency software helps the hiring teams in:

  • Workforce /Talent pipeline planning
  • Talent Sourcing and acquisition
  • Interview Scheduling and communication
  • Quality Applicant Tracking
  • Seamless Onboarding
  • Real-Time Analytics

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6. Cloud and SAAS solutions

The companies are stepping aside from the traditional on-premise recruiting solution software. The reason is that recruiting is no longer a 9 to 5 job. The recruiters have to stay connected with the industry/market to proactively source best candidates. The cloud-based Recruiteze offers an ideal solution rather than buying licensed software with the onsite database.

The online ATS-Recruiteze has its database extremely secured with multiple authentication layers. This eliminates every possibility of a data or security breach. Apart from that, it follows a subscription-based payment model.

This means even a small company or start-up can enjoy the service without making a dent in the pocket. In fact, the small companies can enjoy features of Recruiteze at just $10 per month. The interface is so user-friendly that even a non-technical person can operate easily.

Recruiteze-The Best Solution in Tight Labour Market

With the increasingly changing dynamics of recruiting, the organizations have to make some calls. Having an applicant tracking system is no longer a luxury but has turned into a major necessity. The recruiters can’t afford to lose even a second to get the best candidates on board. A slight negative experience or delay would turn the odds against the organization.

Become an employer of choice by integrating your existing HR suite with Recruiteze. Get your resume parsed and formatted in the blink of an eye. Each resume is parsed and stored as a candidate profile. This enables the recruiters to look and search for the perfect match before promulgating the job descriptions on various platforms. 

Give your recruitment the best of professional exposure with Recruiteze- the best online applicant tracking system. With a 24/7 email-support system, get your queries resolved spontaneously.

To hire the best talent and deliver a positive candidate experience, sign up for Recruiteze today. We are offering a free trial of 15 days exclusively for first-time users without having to save your credit/debit card details. Take a break from old-school recruiting techniques and sign up for a free trial today!

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