Where to Post Your Job Openings – Print Ads

staffing agency softwareIf you’re interested in going the traditional route when posting job openings there are several beneficial options you can take advantage of.

While you won’t reach as broad of an audience as online ads do, local residences interested in the position will more than likely see it and apply.

Print Ad Options

While online ads reach a broader audience, print ads are still the most popular way to get the word out that you’re hiring. The most commonly used options are:

  • newspapers
  • trade journals
  • television
  • radio

No matter what your choice is for advertising, you should make sure the job description is clear and defined. Many print ads limit word use so be careful when choosing what you say. Writing a description that’s accurate and interesting will improve your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

Newspaper Ad

An age-old way to look for a job is via the classifieds in a local newspaper. This is a great, low-cost way to reach individuals who might be interested in working for your business.

Trade Journals

This option is a great way to seek technical or professional help. Many businesses that use a trade journal for postings have specific skills and backgrounds in mind for their candidate choice.  These ads can cost a bit more than a newspaper ad, but the quality of applicants will be higher. Unfortunately, the turnaround time for this method can be slow. If you’re in a hurry to fill a position, this isn’t the solution for you. Publications are often only published monthly or quarterly. Because of this, you might not have any actual applicants for a while. The journal has to circulate for at least a week after it’s published, as well, in order for individuals to begin noticing the ad.

T.V. and Radio

While this method is extremely effective, it’s also quite costly, as well. Depending on your budget and need to hire, you might find that this option is great for your needs. However, it’s impossible to target specific audiences via T.V. and radio ads.

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