Applicant Tracking System: How to create/update an Email Template

This help article applies to Recruiteze: Online Applicant Tracking System.

Creating email templates saves a lot of time not having to type the same thing over and over again, this is one of the tools Recruiteze offers for increasing efficiency of Recruiting.

You can get to the email template management screen by clicking on the Administration->Email Templates left navigation menu.

Recruiteze: Email Template Management View

The screen above shows how to access the email template view. It also shows the email template management view.

The email template management view shows the list of saved email templates, you can view, edit or deactivate an email template from the actions menu.

You can also add new email templates by clicking on the “Add Email Template” button.

Once you click the add button, it will take you the to create email template view shown below.

Recruiteze: Create email template view

In the first step of creating email template, you will need to enter a template name for the email template and pick the type of email template.

There are six types of email templates

  • Candidate – These are emails that are sent to the job seeker.
  • Client – These are emails that are sent to the client/prospect/vendor. The client can be internal/external.
  • Workflow – These are the emails that are sent to either candidate/client/recruiter during the candidate workflow steps.
  • Task – These are emails that are sent out to fulfill an email task.
  • Contact – These are emails that are sent for a contact(client/prospect/vendor) and hiring manager. These are sent from the contacts and hiring managers views.
  • Application Acknowledgement – This is only for editing, you cannot add this type. This is the email that goes out to the candidate after they apply for a job through the application.
    (Click here to learn how to create a smart career’s page)

Based on the template type selection, the available placeholder fields are a little different.

Once you select the template type, the editor and options open up for you to build your email template like shown in the image below.

Applicant Tracking System: Create email template type

The placeholder fields are displayed in the left most section. You can use these fields anywhere in the subject or body. As you are typing you can see a preview of the email with some sample placeholder data, to see how the final email output will look. You can also associate any documents and email disclaimer as needed. The documents that are attached come from the document library.


To update an existing email template, you can follow the same steps after you get to the update email template screen. The next image shows how to get to the update email template screen.

Applicant Tracking System: Update an email template

If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback, please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com.

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