Applicant Tracking System – How to bulk update candidate workflow

This knowledge base article applies to Recruiteze: online applicant tracking system.

The bulk update feature is available from the “Applications” view. You can access the applications view from the left menu, from my jobs, from the job requisitions list, and the dashboard my jobs list.

Recruiteze - My jobs view
Recruiteze: Seeing applications from the My Jobs view

You can also get to the “Applications” view from the job requisitions list as shown below.

Applicant Tracking System - Job List
Recruiteze Job List

Once you land on the “Applications” view to perform bulk actions on candidates. You will need to select a workflow state from the workflow state dropdown as shown below.

online applicant tracking system - applications view
Recruiteze: Candidate applications view for bulk updates

Once a workflow state is selected from the drop-down. You will see the “Update All (x)” button, where x is the number of candidates in the filter. If you want to update only specific candidates on the list, you will need to select the candidates by using the checkbox in the first column of the candidate list.

Update all updates all the candidates, update selected updates only the selected candidates. Clicking on update or update selected opens the Update dialog as shown below.

online applicant tracking system -  bulk update view
Recruiteze: Bulk update workflow view

Once the desired workflow state is selected, from the drop-down. The Save and Save & Notify buttons are enabled. Depending on your need, you can click on one of the buttons. Clicking on save, updates the selected candidate workflow status, and refreshes the “Applications” view.

Clicking on “Save & Notify”, will update the workflow status of the selected candidates and also open up the notify modal as shown below.

Recruiteze -  bulk update and notify view
Recruiteze: Bulk update notify view

From the notify view, you can select an email template, select a job, and quickly send a bulk email to the candidates who have been just updated.

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Online Applicant Tracking System

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