Top 3 Zoho Recruit Competitors and Alternatives 2022 [Tested by Experts]

Zoho Recruit Competitors and Alternatives [Tested by Experts]

Zoho recruit is a good old ATS used by staffing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses. However, it is no surprise that people wish to change their ATS as time goes by.

Some may need more features than they are currently offered, some may grow dissatisfied with the software overall, and some might just need a change.

Whatever the reason is, we have tested dozens of applicant tracking systems to present you with the best 3 alternatives:

  1. Zoho Recruit Competitor #1: Recruiteze – SMB and staffing agency’s best friend
  2. Zoho Recruit Competitor #2: Manatal – ATS for large-sized businesses
  3. Zoho Recruit Competitor #3: Workable – Tech-savy solution for enterprises

During the testing, we relied on “several indicators,” and our rating system was based on:

  1. User experience – How easy is it compared to SmartRecruiters?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth it?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

So let’s get into our findings.

Overview of Zoho Recruit ATS

Zoho Recruit Competitors and Alternatives [Tested by Experts]

Before we get down to discussing Zoho Recruit alternatives, let’s quickly skim over some of its most prominent advantages and disadvantages.

Zoho Recruit advantages

  • Price – Price is one of the most significant advantages of Zoho Recruit, which is most of the time a reason businesses opt for Zoho.
  • Fluid integration with other Zoho software – If you are using other Zoho software, you can access all of them with a single sign-on, plus you will save on costs this way. Zoho ecosystem is another feature people love using Zoho recruit for.
  • Resume formatting – Zoho recruit has an in-built resume formatting feature, which is very helpful for staffing agencies.
  • UI – Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on personal preference. There are loads of information presented on one screen, meaning you will be doing lots of scrolling, whereas other ATSes might be presented information in separate tabs. Some users reported they liked the thorough information Zoho offers, but many others complained that it is hard to navigate and feels too crumpled and overwhelming.

Zoho Recruit Competitors and Alternatives [Tested by Experts]

Zoho Recruit shortcomings

  • Mainly for enterprises – Zoho Recruit is not for someone looking to hire less than 15 people over the next year. Hence, some small business ATS can be better in this case. Recruiteze is designed specifically for small businesses, so you should read the section about it carefully if you are an SMB.
  • Not well compatible with smartphones – Besides not sending direct messages to candidates via smartphone through the platform, the website is not mobile-friendly.
  • Slow customer support – They could be more proactive and fast with their replies. Sometimes waiting for just a few hours can be highly annoying and stressful.

Zoho Recruit pricing

There are several options to choose from when it comes to pricing, depending on the business needs.

First, you have to select one of the utilization options, Corporate HRS, Staffing Agency, or Temporary Workforce.

Zoho Recruit pricing

Zoho Recruit offers three pricing plans for staffing agencies:

  1. Standard plan, 20GBP/mo (27,64USD); it features candidate sourcing, tracing, and resume management.
  2. Professional plan, 40 GBP/mo (55,28USD); features Security control, Portal management, and Assessments.
  3. Enterprise plan, 60 GBP/mo (82,91USD); with advanced features such as autoresponders, authentication permissions, and different options for account management.

Zoho Recruit pricing Zoho Recruit pricing

For corporates, there are 2 plans, Enterprise and Standard. And finally, for the temporary workforce, Workerly, there is only one plan.

Workerly pricing

Now, if you need something like Workerly is, Recruiteze’s Startup or Pro Business plan might be a better option since you get a solid ATS with CRM functionalities, meaning better candidate, talent, and client management for far less costs.

Zoho Recruit Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Zoho Recruit Competitor #1: Recruiteze

Recruiteze is an applicant tracking software designed with small businesses and staffing agencies in mind. It is created to be cost-effective and time-saving for all the recruiters.

It allows recruiters to manage their job ads, candidates, and application forms from a single user-friendly and intuitive platform.

We have lots of ex Zoho users in Recruiteze family so we will include some of the advantages of Recruiteze they have mentioned themselves.

Recruiteze advantages

  • Email address integration – If you liked Zoho’s “integrate your inbox” feature, then you will like Recruiteze since it allows you to seamlessly integrate your email address with the ATS and receive and send all the emails from the software itself.
  • Seamless integration with iReformat – iReformat is a resume formatting software by Recruiteze that is every staffing agency’s dream. It allows you to format dozens of resumes in just a few seconds precisely the way you want.

Seamless integration with iReformat

  • Intuitive and modern UI – What is great about switching to Recruiteze from Zoho Recruit is that you will never be confused and overwhelmed when using it. Recruiteze is designed to make you more time-efficient, so navigation through the software is straightforward. Information is presented in a scannable manner so that you don’t have to waste more than a few seconds per tab.

Seamless integration with iReformat

  • Effective management – Recruitize is packed with CRM functionalities, which allow you to keep all of your candidate, client, and hiring managers’ communications in one place. With this, the whole team can stay up to date with progress.
  • Scaling with ease – Recruiteze is designed to make recruiters more productive by saving them time on manual and time-consuming tasks. While Recruiteze handles all the tedious tasks, recruiters get to focus on what truly matters, and that is networking. Building relationships with clients and candidates and creating a positive experience for everyone.
  • Recruiting workflow customization – Each company has a different hiring process; however, not all recruiting software accommodates that. Many require you to modify your hiring process to keep up with the software. With Recruiteze, you can quickly and easily design a workflow based on your company’s existing hiring process. You can then use Recruiteze to track candidates that apply through your various hiring stages effectively.

Recruiteze shortcomings

  • Mainly built for small businesses – Recruiteze is an ATS designed for SMB and staffing agencies; therefore, it may not be very suitable for big enterprises. But, if you are a small business, then choosing Recruiteze is a no-brainer.

Recruiteze pricing

recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze offers 3 pricing plans:

  1. $49 per month – Excellent for small businesses wanting to utilize a pack of most essential features, including careers pages, candidate workflows, and online job application functions.
  2. $99 per month – Designed for businesses with multiple recruiters and a heavier workload.
  3. Enterprise custom plan – If you need a bigger customized plan make sure to contact us.

Moreover, Recruiteze offers a 15-day free trial, which is great for testing out the features the software provides and seeing yourself if it is the right fit.

Test out Recruiteze for free now!

Zoho Recruit Alternative #2: Manatal