Not Satisfied With Jobvite? Here Are the 3 Jobvite Alternatives to Consider

Not Satisfied With Jobvite? Here Are the 3 Jobvite Alternatives to Consider article featured image

One of the most popular applicant tracking systems on the market right now is Jobvite.

Jobvite is a recruitment software that helps recruiters and hiring managers every step of the hiring process, as it allows them to source, hire, and onboard talent, while also providing the best possible experience to the candidates.

Jobvite user interface & dashboard

Advantages of Jobvite

Some of the standout features of Jobvite include an easy-to-use software, many integrations, branded career websites that are optimized for mobile, social media and SMS recruiting capabilities, CRM, and analytics and reporting.

Shortcomings of Jobvite

Even though that Jobvite is full of great features, it is not without its flaws. For example, Jobvite, unlike some of the Jobvite competitors we will mention, is only built for in-house recruiting teams, it is not a solution for staffing or recruiting agencies.

Other shortcomings of Jobvite include confusing multi-level menus for tracking candidates and frequent confusion with trying to find the resume of a candidate and the job description for a certain ad.

If you have experienced these or other problems with Jobvite or if you just want to see what else is available there, stick around as in this post, we will show you the three Jobvite alternatives to consider in 2021:

  1. Jobvite alternative #1: Recruiteze
  2. Jobvite alternative #2: SAP SuccessFactors
  3. Jobvite alternative #3: JazzHR

Jobvite Alternative #1: Recruiteze

Recruiteze is a recruitment software that can help you to streamline all your recruiting processes by letting you easily track, organize, and sort your online applicant data. This Jobvite alternative can help you effectively reduce your recruiting costs and get better candidates.

recruiteze website homepage

Recruiteze can help you boost your hiring efforts while also making sure that you never miss a great applicant. You can use Recruiteze to manage your job ads, candidates, and their applications from a single platform that is user-friendly and intuitive.

With Recruiteze, you can streamline your recruiting process by creating a customized workflow that matches your company’s unique hiring process, not vice versa. You can then use Recruiteze to track candidates and their applications through each stage during the hiring process effortlessly.

Advantages of Recruiteze


has all the features to manage your entire recruitment process and that will also help you easily switch from Jobvite. Some of the standout features include:

  • Broadcast your jobs — One of the most important steps in hiring that great candidate is to ensure that the candidate sees your job ad. Because of this, Recruiteze has developed a feature that allows you to publish job ads to over a dozen major job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor.
  • Customize your recruiting workflow — Each company’s hiring process is a bit different, however, not all recruiting software accommodates that. Many require you to modify your hiring process to keep up with the software. With Recruiteze, you can quickly and easily design a workflow based on your company’s existing hiring process. You can then use Recruiteze to effectively track candidates that apply through your various hiring stages.
  • Careers page — Some website visitors may scroll your website even if they do not follow a job ad link. For these people, Recruiteze has developed a feature that allows you to embed a widget directly onto your company website, which will make it easier for viewers to see your job openings.
  • Show off your brand — With Recruiteze, you can quickly customize your automated responses to each candidate who applies and show off your employee branding chops.
  • Tags, filters, notes, and tasks — Sometimes, multiple people are doing the hiring. To avoid overlap between them and better organize your candidates in general, you can use Recruiteze to create and manage tags for each of the candidates and filter candidates by those tags. You can also leave notes and create custom tasks, which is especially useful if you are hiring for multiple roles simultaneously.
  • CRM — If you are a hiring agency, you can use Recruiteze to easily manage your candidates, clients, hiring managers, and vendors. Keep your notes and communication all in one place, so that you and your team can stay up to date on all your clients’ needs.
  • Bulk Emailing — If you need to send a message to all your candidates at once, Recruiteze has got you covered. Use Recruiteze to mass message any number of your contacts and address each of your contacts by name.
  • Screener Questions — You can create highly customizable screener questionnaires, which will help you to shortlist or reject applications based on the responses. This is also great for when you need to hire multiple roles or screen through many resumes.

Shortcomings of Recruiteze

While Recruiteze doesn’t support numerous integrations as some of the competitors, it focuses on creating a great experience with the most essential and everyday features.

Recruiteze is primarily built for SMBs, as opposed to enterprises.

Recruiteze’s pricing

Recruiteze is available in 3 plans, that are scalable and optimized for businesses of different size and recruitment needs.

The paid plans are available with a 15-day free no credit card required trial, and all of them can be paid monthly or annually, with annual plans having a special discount.

recruiteze pricing

Jobvite vs. Recruiteze — how are they different?

Jobvite and Recruiteze are similar platforms when it comes to the features they offer. However, even though Jobvite offers more features, Recruiteze’s features are much more polished, and Recruiteze generally runs better than Jobvite.

Recruiteze is great fit for small and mid-sized companies, which are usually the ones that can’t access Jobvite or other similar apps.

Recruiteze’s ratings as a Jobvite alternative


  • User experience: 5/5
  • Standout features: 4/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5

Total: 4.75/5

Jobvite Alternative #2: SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a talent management system for enterprises that helps you find and hire candidates, connect and guide the ones you end up hiring and optimize workforce performance, engagement, and productivity of your employees.

SAP SuccessFactors - performance dashboard

Part of SAP’s family of enterprise resource planning software, it includes a vast array of features that can help drive your hiring needs.

Advantages of SAP SuccessFactors

Like all SAP’s software, SuccessFactors is full of features. Some of the standout ones include:

  • Global talent sourcing — Use SAP SuccessFactors to source the right talent for your business.
  • Candidate engagement — SAP SuccessFactors claim that your candidates will get the best-in-class experience by using their software.
  • Candidate relationship management — A similar feature to Recruiteze, you can use SAP SuccessFactors to nurture candidates and help address some of your more crucial roles.

Shortcomings of SAP SuccessFactors

Even though SAP SuccessFactors is a great app, it is not without its flaws. For example, it has a steep learning curve and it takes a lot of effort to figure out how to use it. Also, it hugely depends on modules to get the most out of the software. Also, their support is very slow.

SAP SuccessFactors’s pricing

Reach out to SAP sales to get their direct quote based on your needs.

SAP SuccessFactors pricing plan

Jobvite vs. SAP SuccessFactors — how are they different?

As you are already aware, SAP SuccessFactors is a much more complex and robust system than Jobvite or any Jobvite competitors on the list. However, at its core, a majority of features are quite similar. Also, both apps are for larger companies.

SAP SuccessFactors’s ratings as a Jobvite alternative

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 5/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 3/5

Total: 4/5

Jobvite Alternative #3: JazzHR

JazzHR is a recruitment software that breaks down talent acquisition into three different stages: finding the candidates, identifying those that are the best, and hiring them.

JazzHR User Interface

Advantages of JazzHR

Some of the standout features of JazzHR include:

  • Custom questionnaires — You can use JazzHR to set up customized questions for each applicant to answer. The answers they give are streamlined so that you can better differentiate between candidates based on their answers.
  • Assessment and evaluation templates — JazzHR allows you to compile specific skills and experiences that you need at any moment to find the strengths your team needs.
  • Automated scoring — JazzHR’s easy 1-10 scores help you to quickly evaluate candidates’ skills and compare applicants more accurately.

Shortcomings of JazzHR

JazzHR is full of features, however, not all of them are very useful. On the other hand, some of the key features that almost all other Jobvite competitors have, JazzHR is missing. However, if your hiring process is simple, you might benefit from this.

JazzHR’s pricing

JazzHR is at the moment available in three different plans: Hero, Plus, and Pro. All of the plans can be tried for free, and there are some add-ons you can add to this Jobvite competitor.

JazzHR pricing plans

Jobvite vs. JazzHR — how are they different?

Even though Jobvite and JazzHR have similar features, at the core, JazzHR is a much simpler and straightforward Jobvite alternative.

JazzHR’s ratings as a Jobvite alternative

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 3.5/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 4/5

Total: 3.87/5

So, what is the best Jobvite competitor?

So there you have it, the three best Jobvite competitors available right now. Jobvite and SAP SuccessFactors are the best choices for enterprises. JazzHR is good when you also need HR features. Recruiteze is the best affordable and ultra-modern recruitment software for small and mid-sized businesses.

Recruiteze has the best combination of features that a huge majority of hiring managers will find useful. Recruiteze also has a great user experience and even better prices — all of which contribute to the reasoning for why it is the best Jobvite competitor most companies or recruiting agencies should go for.

We hope you found this guide useful! Thank you for reading.

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