4 Best SmartRecruiters Competitors and Alternatives in 2022

SmartRecruiters Competitors and Alternatives [Tested and Verified by Experts]

Trusted by corporate giants like McDonald’s, LinkedIn, and Visa, SmartRecruiters is truly next-generation talent acquisition and recruiting software. However, it is not suited for anyone and just any type of business.

We have gone over dozens of recruiting and HR tools in our search for great Smartrecruiters competitors and alternatives.

As a result of testing, we have come up with these 4 best alternatives:

  1. SmartRecruiters competitor #1: Recruiteze
  2. SmartRecruiters competitor #2: Zoho Recruit
  3. SmartRecruiters competitor #3: SageHR
  4. SmartRecruiters competitor #4: BambooHR

During the testing, we relied on several indicators, and our rating system was based on:

  1. User experience – How easy is it compared to SmartRecruiters?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth it?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

Overview of SmartRecruiters ATS

Overview of SmartRecruiters ATS

Before getting into discussing SmartRecruiters competitors and alternatives, let’s briefly look over its strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of using SmartRecruiters

  • Great candidate experience – SmartRecruiters focuses a lot on providing excellent candidates experience, and it shows since their conversion rates on job openings are high.
  • Mobile responsive – Experience is seamless and straightforward on mobile devices as well.

Mobile responsive

  • Mobile app – SmartRecruiters offers native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Simple UI – User Interface is straightforward to use, providing a great experience for recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Lead generation – SmartRecruiters have great lead capture forms for prospecting.
  • Integrations – Besides numerous job aggregators, SmartRecruiters integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter, Outlook, Scheduling, ratings, and many more.


Shortcomings of SmartRecruiters

Some of these shortcomings might be on the list of reasons why users decide to switch from SmartRecruiters to another tool:

  • High costs – Costs are not shown on their website, and you have to contact them to get a quote. However, prices offered are too high and very unsuitable for small businesses.
  • No free trial – This is a con because every user should be able to test out the product themselves before deciding to use it. This is why many people, later on, have to switch to another software and find an alternative since demos are not enough.
  • Resume reviewing – When you try to open .docx or .doc files, they don’t open in the software but instead download to your computer. This is highly annoying since your downloads file will very soon become crumpled. Instead, PDF files open in a new tab, so that is more bearable.
  • Slow customer support and no customizations – Customer support isn’t the greatest, and you can’t get much of tailormade functionalities according to the ex-user’s experience.

SmartRecruiters pricing

SmartRecruiters’ pricing system is quote-based, and there is also no free trial.

SmartRecruiters Competitors #1: Recruiteze – Best Small Bussiness ATS

SmartRecruiters Competitor #1: Recruiteze - Best Small Bussiness ATS

Recruiteze is an applicant tracking software designed for small businesses and staffing agencies. It is created to be cost-effective and time-saving for all the recruiters.

It allows recruiters to manage their job ads, candidates, and application forms from a single user-friendly and intuitive platform.

It is not a surprise for us when people who have used SmartRecruiters decide to switch to Recruiteze. Unfortunately, most of the time, small or mid-sized businesses and staffing agencies made the wrong decision. If you find yourself here, then keep on reading.

Advantages of using Recruiteze

  • Tailored to fit SMB and staffing agency needs – Recruiteze is wholly created with SMB and staffing agencies in mind. Hence all the features it has are there to help those businesses scale while cutting down on costs and being more productive.
  • Intuitive and modern UI – As previously stated, Recruiteze is designed to make you more time-efficient, so navigation through the software is straightforward recurring minimal scrolling and clicking. In addition, information is presented in a scannable manner so that you don’t have to waste more than a few seconds per tab.
  • Career page widgets – People browsing your website might passively look for a job but won’t visit the careers page. You can embed our career page widget directly onto the website’s homepage so no one can miss it.

Advantages of using Recruiteze

  • Effective management – Recruitize is packed with CRM functionalities. Thanks to that, you can keep all of your candidate, client, and hiring managers’ communications in one place. This way, the whole team can stay up to date with progress.
  • iReformat – Recruiteze offers a resume reformatting service, iReformat, which is complementary with Recruiteze ATS and a complete game-changer for staffing agencies. iReformat supports blind hiring and has an iOS mobile app. It also supports .docx, PDF, and text formats.


  • Customize your recruiting workflow — Recruiteze adapts to your needs. You can quickly and easily design a workflow based on your company’s existing hiring process — you don’t need to adapt to what is offered. In addition, you can effectively track candidates that apply through your various hiring stages and create multiple recruiting workflows.
  • Filters, tags, notes, and tasks — Avoid overlapping, duplicity and organize your candidates better. For example, you can tag candidates and filter them by those tags. You can also leave notes and create custom tasks for each candidate, especially if your recruitment team is bigger.

Shortcomings of using Recruiteze

  • Mainly built for small businesses – Sadly, Recruiteze is not the best solution for enterprises yet.

Recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze offers a 15-day free trial, which is great for testing out all the features offered and seeing yourself if it is the right fit.

Pricing is straightforward with 5 different and scalable plans:

  1. Free plan – Excellent for small businesses that just want to store their applicants in an easily readable way, search them, and make notes on applicants for future reference so they can be easily found for interviews.
  2. $21.2 per month – Perfect for small businesses with only one person hiring and want to utilize a whole pack of features, including the game-changing careers page, candidate workflows, and online job application functions.
  3. $42.46 per month – Good for mid-sized businesses with multiple people with hiring duties and much more workload.
  4. $84.95 per month – Great solution for staffing agencies. Offers twice as much resume parsing capabilities and 25 users and active jobs.
  5. Custom plan – If you need a bigger plan than enterprise one or some custom features, then make sure to contact us.

Test out Recruiteze for free now!

SmartRecruiters Competitors #2: Zoho Recruit

SmartRecruiters Competitor #2: Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit positions itself as an ATS for small and mid-sized businesses and staffing agencies.

Advantages of using Zoho Recruit

  • Affordable price – When in doubt, many businesses opt for Zoho Recruit, thanks to their very reasonable price.
  • Zoho ecosystem – If you are already using other Zoho tools, opting for Zoho Recruit is a good choice. You can access all of the tools with a single sign-on, plus you will save up along the way.
  • Resume formatting – Zoho recruit has an in-built resume formatting feature, which is very helpful for recruiting agencies.
  • UI – Many consider this an advantage, and many disadvantages. Zoho’s UI may be a pro because it sorts information so that it is comprehensive and packed. But that is also the exact reason why most users complain about it. Menus are too cramped with data and pages, which just makes you scroll and click infinitely until you get to the information you need. This can overwhelm the majority of users. The design is a bit outdated too.

Advantages of using Zoho Recruit

Shortcomings of using Zoho Recruit

  • Outdated, overwhelming design – As previously mentioned, the design is pretty outdated and not so user-friendly.
  • Smartphone incompatible – ZohoRecruit isn’t compatible with smartphones, making for a bad candidate experience over mobile. This is a massive problem since the majority of people search for jobs via their mobile phones.
  • Mainly for bigger businesses – If you won’t be hiring more than 15 people over the next year, then Zoho isn’t the best option for you. Opting for a specialized SMB recruiting system like Recruiteze would be much better and cost-effective.

Zoho Recruit pricing

Zoho is available in 3 different use cases:

  • For staffing agencies
  • For corporate HR’s
  • For temporary workforce

Zoho Recruit pricing

Zoho Recruit offers three pricing plans for staffing agencies:

  1. Standard plan, 20GBP/mo (approximately 27,64 USD); it features resume management, candidate sourcing, and tracing.
  2. Professional plan, 40 GBP/mo (55,28 USD); features Portal management, Security control, and Assessments.
  3. Enterprise plan, 60 GBP/mo (82,91 USD); with advanced features such as different options for account management authentication permissions and autoresponders.

Avail pricing plan Efficient and affordable recruitment solution for Corporates

For corporate HRs, there are 2 plans, Enterprise and Standard, as you can see in the table above. Their pricing is straightforward and affordable too.

And finally, for the temporary workforce, Workerly, there is only one offer, which isn’t as affordable. Our recommendation for an alternative is Recruiteze’s Startup or Pro plan, which are cheaper and offer more features.

Workerly pricing plan

SmartRecruiters Competitor #3: SageHR

SmartRecruiters Competitor #3: SageHR

Known as CakeHR, sage HR is recruiting that offers modern solutions to SMBs that are ready to give up on spreadsheets. While some software on this list is great for applicant tracking and more suitable for hiring, Sage HR is more for in-house HR management.

Advantages of using SageHR

  • Great customer support – Customer support is quick to answer and kind. They always follow-up with an email to ensure that everything was resolved.
  • Day-off requests – Approving day-off requests and tracking vacation times is straightforward in SageHR. The calendar view is well optimized to make this plain and simple.
  • 360 feedback – This is a fantastic feature that allows employees to leave a holistic view of their performance. Peers, subordinates, and managers can all leave their own reviews throughout the year to have an unbiased report.
  • Customization – You can easily tailor the software to suit your HR needs.
  • Great tool for in-house HR management – From leave tracking, surveys, scheduling, managing company expenses, and advanced reporting, SageHR is an excellent solution for in-house HR teams.

Advantages of using SageHR

Shortcomings of using SageHR

  • Suitable for general HR management – SageHR is great when it comes to general HR management. However, it lacks when it comes to hiring functionalities. Many users have reported that they are not a fan of using SageHR for hiring and use separate software for that.
  • Admin UX and UI – Since the interface isn’t completely intuitive, the user experience can overwhelm and feel crumpled.
  • Very light on recruiting features – As stated above, SageHR is heavy on HR features and light on recruitment. On the other hand, Recuiteze is heavy on recruitment and light on HR, so they can turn out very complementary to each other.

SageHR pricing

SageHR pricing

It starts at $5.50 per user per month. There is no free version. However, they do offer a 14-day free trial.

However, the price easily ads up, and if you need it for serious recruitment processes, or as a staffing agency, the price for only one user is really high:

SageHR pricing

If you are a staffing agency, then software as Recruiteze is a much better option. It gives you everything to completely optimize your work and performance while saving time and energy for a lower price.

SmartRecruiters Competitor #4: BambooHR

SmartRecruiters Competitor #4: BambooHR

BambooHR is primarily HR software that offers basic applicant tracking system functionality, time tracking, payroll processing, benefits administration, employee engagement and employee satisfaction tools, automated reminders, and workforce data analytics.

Advantages of using BambooHR

  • Intuitive UI – BambooHR has a very easy-to-navigate user interface, so even if you are a first-time user, you will quickly get around. The platform is straightforward for the employee experience too.
  • Performance management modules – BambooHR eliminates subjectivity and any possible speculations by using a few quick questions to encourage action. This allows you to address problems faster than usually, which is most of the times around six months since that is the standard time between performance reviews.
  • Employee onboarding – BambooHR is a good solution for employee onboarding, as it provides a seamless experience.

SmartRecruiters Competitor #4: BambooHR

Shortcomings of using BambooHR

  • Mobile app – Even though they have a mobile app, which many would automatically consider a pro, it really isn’t. The app is limited and doesn’t have all the functionalities that the software has on the web. Therefore, if you want a good ATS with an app, choosing BambooHR isn’t the best decision. However, if you need it for the most superficial features like approving requests and checking vacation times, then it’s ok.
  • Primarily HR tool – Just like SageHR, BambooHR is heavy on human resources functionalities and light on recruiting.

BambooHR pricing

There is a 7-day free trial offered for BambooHR. However, if you want to subscribe, you will need to contact them to get a quote.

So, what is the best SmartRecruiters competitor?

Here we have condensed all our findings into bite-sized takeaways.

Who should use Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is good for bigger businesses and staffing agencies.

Who should use SageHR?

SageHR is an excellent solution for in-house HR management for SMBs.

Who should use BambooHR?

BambooHR is great for managing daily human resources tasks and overall goals.

Who should use Recruiteze?

Recruitieze is designed for SMBs and staffing agencies looking to optimize their hiring process and reduce the cost of hire.

Try Recruiteze for free today.

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