6 Best SmartRecruiters Competitors and Alternatives in 2023

SmartRecruiters Competitors and Alternatives [Tested and Verified by Experts]

Trusted by corporate giants like McDonald’s, LinkedIn, and Visa, SmartRecruiters is truly next-generation talent acquisition and recruiting software. However, it is not suited for anyone because of its clunky interface that’s difficult to navigate.

We have gone over dozens of recruiting and HR tools in our search for user-friendly, affordable and feature-rich Smartrecruiters competitors and alternatives 

As a result of testing, we have come up with these 6 best alternatives:

  1. SmartRecruiters competitor #1: Recruiteze
  2. SmartRecruiters competitor #2: Zoho Recruit
  3. SmartRecruiters competitor #3: SageHR
  4. SmartRecruiters competitor #4: BambooHR
  5. SmartRecruiters competitor #5:Homerun ATS
  6. SmartRecruiters competitor #6: QPage

During the testing, we relied on several indicators, and our rating system was based on:

  1. User experience – How easy is it compared to SmartRecruiters?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth it?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

Overview of SmartRecruiters ATS

Before getting into discussing SmartRecruiters competitors and alternatives, let’s briefly look over its strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of using SmartRecruiters

  • Great candidate experience – SmartRecruiters focuses a lot on providing excellent candidates experience, and it shows since their conversion rates on job openings are high.
  • Mobile responsive – Experience is seamless and straightforward on mobile devices as well.

Mobile responsive

  • Mobile app – SmartRecruiters offers native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Lead generation – SmartRecruiters have great lead capture forms for prospecting.
  • Integrations – Besides numerous job aggregators, SmartRecruiters integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter, Outlook, Scheduling, ratings, and many more.


Shortcomings of SmartRecruiters

Some of these shortcomings might be on the list of reasons why users decide to switch from SmartRecruiters to another tool:

  • High costs – Costs are not shown on their website, and you have to contact them to get a quote. However, prices offered are too high and very unsuitable for small businesses.
  • No free trial – This is a con because every user should be able to test out the product themselves before deciding to use it. This is why many people, later on, have to switch to another software and find an alternative since demos are not enough.
  • Resume reviewing – When you try to open .docx or .doc files, they don’t open in the software but instead download to your computer. This is highly annoying since your downloads file will very soon become crumpled. Instead, PDF files open in a new tab, so that is more bearable.
  • Slow customer support and no customizations – Customer support isn’t the greatest, and you can’t get much of tailormade functionalities according to the ex-user’s experience.

SmartRecruiters pricing

SmartRecruiters’ pricing system is quote-based, and there is also no free trial.

SmartRecruiters Competitors #1: Recruiteze – Best Small Bussiness ATS

SmartRecruiters Competitor #1: Recruiteze - Best Small Bussiness ATS

Recruiteze is an applicant tracking software designed for small businesses and staffing agencies. It is created to be cost-effective and time-saving for all the recruiters.

It allows recruiters to manage their job ads, candidates, and application forms from a single user-friendly and intuitive platform.

It is not a surprise for us when people who have used SmartRecruiters decide to switch to Recruiteze. Unfortunately, most of the time, small or mid-sized businesses and staffing agencies made the wrong decision. If you find yourself here, then keep on reading.

Advantages of using Recruiteze

  • Tailored to fit SMB and staffing agency needs – Recruiteze is wholly created with SMB and staffing agencies in mind. Hence all the features it has are there to help those businesses scale while cutting down on costs and being more productive.
  • Intuitive and modern UI – As previously stated, Recruiteze is designed to make you more time-efficient, so navigation through the software is straightforward recurring minimal scrolling and clicking. In addition, information is presented in a scannable manner so that you don’t have to waste more than a few seconds per tab.
  • Career page widgets – People browsing your website might passively look for a job but won’t visit the careers page. You can embed our career page widget directly onto the website’s homepage so no one can miss it.